“Writing the Range” by Jacqueline Diamond

ladyindisguise400_2When I began writing, it never occurred to me that an author might be expected to specialize in a single genre. Because of my passionate love of reading, I was eager to write everything from fantasy to romance to adventure.

Initially, my love of Jane Austen inspired half a dozen Regency romances. Then my agent encouraged me to write contemporary romantic comedies as well. Only later, at a writing seminar, did I come across the concept of branding oneself. Not, I hasten to add, in the painful manner of ranch animals, yet to me the notion of being strait-jacketed for the rest of my career burned like fire.

However, writers live in the real world. Our grocers, medical providers and landlords expect to be paid now, not on that mythical day when we hit the bestseller list. Unless we score big from the start (very rare), or have some other means of paying the bills, we have to respect commercial considerations

Here’s the conflict: Publishers have very specific ideas about what kind of books they want to buy. But an author who writes books she doesn’t believe in risks alienating her readers and burning out creatively.RancherNanny400_2

It’s been more than thirty years since the publication of my first novel, the Regency romance Lady in Disguise (of which I’m giving away three ebook copies today). I’ve sold 100 novels, and learned a few things.

Chief among them is that those of us who intend to stay in the writing business and not go broke have to strike a balance. For me, that has meant finding a way to write in a range of genres that I enjoy, from medical romances to zany comedies to mysteries, pleasing both publishers and myself.

For the past few years, I’ve been writing the Safe Harbor Medical series, set in and around a fertility hospital, for Harlequin American Romance. The 15th book in my series, The Baby Bonanza, came out in March. Each book stands alone, although there are continuing characters that are fun to follow. And yes, I love the world of Safe Harbor and the subgenre of medical romance.

BabyBonanza_(253x400)_2 Over the years, I’ve also indulged my love of screwball comedies, including The Rancher’s Unusual Nanny, which is on sale this week for 99 cents at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Although it was originally published by Harlequin, I’ve regained the rights and updated the details.

Along the way, I ventured into mysteries (Danger Music, among others) and romantic suspense (including The Stolen Bride). And every now and then a truly off-the-wall idea strikes me that won’t let go.

The description of my science fiction thriller Out of Her Universe shows how unusual it is: “Strange perceptions trouble artist Hannah Fleischer, who has no idea she’s from another universe. Brought as a child from a parallel world where history has taken a dangerously different course, she believes she’s found happiness with a handsome police detective. But when the universes unexpectedly reconnect, cascading events thrust Hannah into a crisis that could destroy both her worlds.”

As you can see, this is about as far from a Harlequin series romance as an author can stretch. Writing it refreshed my UniverseNew400_2enthusiasm for my craft, without detracting from my ability to continue with medical romances.

Also, although my books cover a wide range of moods and styles, each contains my trademarks—plots with surprise twists, characters who grow and change, a focus on emotional relationships with minimal bedroom scenes (or none, in my Regencies), and fast-paced dialogue.

So, in a sense, I have established a brand of my own while out there writing the range. All my stories and characters reveal aspects of myself, but, I hope, are much more interesting!

Giveaway: 3 ebook copies of Lady in Disguise, a traditional Regency

From The Rancher’s Unusual Nanny:

The blurb:

In Jacqueline Diamond’s The Rancher’s Unusual Nanny, psychologist Nancy Verano promises to spend the summer as a nanny on a Texas ranch, secretly bailing out her unreliable younger sister. She never meant to trick handsome rancher Max Richter, but she has to publish or perish. So, while fulfilling her sister’s job contract, she decides to research an article on cowboys. Just as she starts to fall for Max, though, she learns that he’s hated psychologists ever since his first wife ran off with their marriage counselor. What will happen when he learns the truth about Nancy?

The situation: Having flown from California to Texas, Nancy is met at the airport by her new employer and his children.


Only the tanned skin, jeans and yoked shirt matched her expectation of what a rancher looked like. Otherwise, he had nothing in common with the crew-cut, muscle-bound, tight-faced lout she’d anticipated.

He was a lean six foot three, she estimated, with thick brown hair that softened the commanding effect of his high-boned face. Even from a distance, she could feel the melting effect of those intelligent, chocolate eyes. As for his full mouth, it looked as if it wanted to smile, but rarely did.

The man’s gaze flicked over her and stopped. An instant connection sizzled through Nancy, all the way down to her toenails.

Time to step forward and make a good impression. “Mr. Richter?” she asked, moving toward him. “I’m Ms. Verano. And these must be the children. Well, of course, they’re children. What else would they be? Did you all have a nice flight? I mean, I certainly did.”

There, she’d handled that with aplomb, Nancy thought. She smiled, held out her hand and awaited his response.

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Jackiebooksclose1Jacqueline Diamond has sold 100 novels, including romantic comedy, romantic suspense, fantasy, mystery and half a dozen Regency romances. A two-time finalist for the Rita Award, Jackie received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times and is a former reporter and TV columnist for the Associated Press. Her bestselling ebooks include By Leaps and Bounds, Designer Genes and A Lady’s Point of View. Jackie writes the Safe Harbor Medical miniseries for Harlequin American Romance. Harlequin released her medical romance The Baby Bonanza in March. Her romantic comedy, The Rancher’s Unusual Nanny, is on sale for 99 cents this week at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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