Romcon Reader’s Crown Awards and my wonderful weekend

I just came back from the most fun weekend.  I was at Romcon 2012 this weekend and it was wonderful.  Lots of readers from all over the country.  One woman came all the way from Hawaii.

As an author it was so great to meet the readers.  I had some readers who brought there books for me to sign.  I sold some books, too.  But the most important thing was the readers.  They were there to meet their favorite authors, get some free books, play lots of different games.  One of the games was Strip a Hero and boy oh boy was it popular.

The most popular event at this years Romcon was the Titanic Tea.  Author DeeAnne Gist hosted an authentic afternoon tea as it would have been served on the Titanic.  Each of the attendees were given the bio of a real passenger on the Titanic and at the end you discovered whether you survived or not.

The authors that served as hostesses for the tea, came in costume and DeeAnne provided authentic hats from the time period. As one of those authors, I adored the gold and black hat with a bird in it that I wore.

Probably the greatest thing for me besides meeting my readers was the Readers Crown event at the brunch this morning.  The finalists and the winner of the Readers Crown contest were announced.  This contest is judged solely by readers and so is very important.  I’m pleased to say that although I didn’t win the Readers Crown, I did final with two of my books.  Centauri Dawn and Centauri Twilight both finaled.   You can’t imagine how thrilled I was.  I wanted to get up and say, “You like me, you really like me.” as Sally Field did after her second Oscar win.  This was like an Oscar for me.  I was thrilled to final.  I can’t explain the amazing feelings that it gave me and still gives me.

So THANK YOU to all you readers out there.  Without you, I wouldn’t be an author.  You are the ones who give me life.

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