Leora, Bride of California (American Mail-Order Brides, Book 31) by Kit Morgan

KitMorgan_Leora1400Blurb: Leora, Bride of California, is the thirty-first book in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides Series!

Her sister gone, her roommates soon to follow, Leora Mitchell must now face the fact that she, along with the others, are mail-order brides. For years her life revolved around Brown’s Textile Mill, her sister Lottie and their friends. Now, as mail-order brides they’d be scattered across the country, ready to start a new life. The only problem was, Leora had no idea what that life looked like, nor did she have any idea who she was without the familiar faces she loved so much.

Pastor Theron Drake needed a wife, and the crazy folks in his congregation whole-heartedly agreed. So much so, they thought they should have as much access to the new Mrs. Drake as he did! They volunteered her for everything they could think of and made her the director of the annual Christmas Play. Throw in the town bully/busybody who’d rather have her own choice of a Mrs. Drake, and you have a mail-order bride that doesn’t know if she’s coming or going.

Will Theron and Leora’s new marriage survive the onslaught of his over-zealous parishioners? Or will she crack under the pressure, turn tail and run? Find out in this hilarious romp how two people are forced to discover their true strengths and weaknesses.


Theron watched Mrs. Rutherford’s face contort before settling on a pinched expression. “Very well, I suppose he deserves that. At least he listens to us, unlike the last preacher we had in this town.”

Theron’s eyebrows rose at that. “What happened to him? I thought he simply took another position.”

“None of your concern,” Mrs. Rutherford huffed. She walked over to the table, turned and stared at Leora. “Stand up, girl.”

Leora stared at her in shock, and not a little indignation. “I beg your pardon?”

“Are you hard of hearing? I said, stand up.”

Theron rolled his eyes. “Perhaps if you said ‘please’?”

Mrs. Rutherford turned to him, lips pressed into a firm line. But before she could say anything, Leora stood. She turned back to her. “Now, let’s have a look at you.” She grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the table. The other two women joined her and the three walked a circle around Leora as if inspecting a horse.

Theron stood. “Enough of this nonsense. Mrs. Rutherford, is this really necessary? Who I choose as a bride is my business.”

“And who we wind up with as a pastor’s wife is ours. She’ll be involved in the workings of this town and I want to make sure she’s up to the task. Especially since you think poor Prudence isn’t.”

“And what if she’s not?” he asked, his voice laced with challenge. “Are you going to insist I sent her back after we’re married?”

“Of course not!” Mrs. Rutherford snapped. “If I had my way, we’d test her before you got married!

“Oh, for the love of…” Lord, help me keep my tongue, he silently prayed. “Miss Mitchell will be fine. Now if you’ll excuse us, she’s had a long journey and is very tired. And hungry.”

“But we wish to speak to you on another matter,” she declared, as if another’s basic needs were expected to bow to her agenda.

“What other matter?”

“We’ll tell you after that woman has gone upstairs.”

That woman, as you call her, is my betrothed and she has a name. Leora Mitchell. Kindly use it.” It was all he could do to be civil at this point.

Leora watched in fascination as Mrs. Pleet got up from the table and hurried to where she stood. “Come along now, dear, let’s get you upstairs so you can rest. You do look tired. And I’ll bring you up dessert – I have a lovely cherry pie …” She grabbed Leora’s hand and ushered her from the room as fast as her chubby legs could go.

Theron’s hands balled into fists and he had to force himself to sit. “Now, Mrs. Rutherford, what’s this so-called matter that needs to be discussed?”


21934_1283408600039_5692913_nAuthor Bio

A consistent Top 100 lists bestseller, Kit Morgan, aka Geralyn Beauchamp, has been writing for fun all of her life. When writing as Geralyn Beauchamp, her books are epic, adventurous, romantic fantasy at its best. When writing as Kit Morgan they are whimsical, fun, inspirational sweet and clean stories that depict a strong sense of family and community. ‘His Prairie Princess’ is the first of the Prairie Brides books and the first in the series of a long line of stories about Clear Creek, Oregon. One of the whackiest little towns in the old west! Get to know the townsfolk in Clear Creek and come sit a spell!



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