An Interview with Sandy Rowland

How did you get started writing?

I was frustrated with my life and needed a creative outlet to gain balance and clarity. I grabbed a pen and a yellow pad and scribbled for weeks. That first book was bad, burn it and never mention it awful. Then I joined Utah RWA and learned craft. I owe them.

What genre do you write in and why?

Paranormal and fantasy romance. I’ve always been drawn to the spiritual and otherworldly side of things. Damaged characters seeking redemption suck me in. Experiencing their journey and success against monstrous odds gives me hope. I wish to create that for my readers.

What is your favorite part of writing?

That spark of an idea and bust of energy where I can’t type fast enough to get it all down.

What is your least favorite?

Ugh! Edits. Hate, loathe and abominate editing, but I do it. Many times.

How has your experience with self-publishing been?

OMG. I entered a contest and an agent wanted the full. I’d sent out queries to publishers and received requests. Then “The Call” came. An E-publisher wanted to buy my ms and sent a contract. I asked for a few changes, but the publisher couldn’t make those alterations. I had the contract in hand and said, ‘no thanks’. It was the right decision for me.

Self-publishing gives me control of my content, my cover, distribution and percentage earned. Traditional couldn’t offer anything close. And now we’re all asked to market regardless of how we publish. Why share my paycheck when I do most of the work?

The good thing– I’m in charge of my career.

The bad thing—I’m in charge of my career.

Okay, bad is strong, but there’s much to learn and hours of effort to gain success. And I’ve never been happier.

What advise do you have for other authors wanting to self publish?

Do your homework. Find out all you can from the financial investment required to how many hours spent on promotion. Self-publishing will stretch you. Be honest with yourself. Are you up to the challenge? You’re the hero in this story. Will you accept the call to action? I’d guess yes, if you’re reading this.

Find other Indie authors for support and when you’re ready, go for it.


Born and raised in Southern California, Sandy has always loved animals, nature, theatre, and learning. She attended Fullerton College and then married. After multiple moves around the western states while raising three children, they settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She’s worked in retail, banking, and graduated from Myotherapy College in massage therapy where she taught, before opening her own practice combined with life coaching. Sandy’s love of reading and expressing herself through words whispered, actually screamed, until she returned to writing.

Living between the twisted red rock of Southern Utah and the granite mountains of the Wasatch, Sandy explores life with her loving husband and family. She serves on the board of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America, and is an award-winning author of paranormal and fantasy romance.

Her coaching blog, A WRITER’S HEART, can be found on her website:

She encourages all to believe in themselves and reach for their dreams
“Love and success follow the brave.”


Her heart pounded and her knees felt weak. His smoldering gaze was lethal. She wanted to look away, extricate herself from the desire warming her blood, but couldn’t. He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her against him, his other hand cradling her head. Her body reacted in spite of her mental protests, tilting her chin, parting her lips in an invitation she couldn’t control. His warm mouth covered hers. She opened to his tongue’s plea for entrance. This was a bad idea. She knew it. While her defenses buckled under his efforts, her mind fogged and she leaned into him, her arms sliding around his neck. She trembled with want, with passion, and with the fear of her own need.

Her fingers moved to his thick dark hair, twisting in the silky strands as she moaned into his mouth. He deepened the kiss, taking her firmly, owning her mouth with the distinct demand for more. Fear shriveled under the heat of his hands. Her fortress couldn’t stand against this and she knew it.

14 thoughts on “An Interview with Sandy Rowland

  1. Nice interview, Sandy and Cynthia. I liked what you said, Sandy, about the good and the bad being that we are in charge of our own career. It is definitely a double edged sword. On the one hand, indies have the freedom and control that makes the job so very interesting and rewarding. On the other hand, success or failure rests on our shoulders, and there is no one there to back you up and help make those tough decisions. It’s a wild ride for sure!

  2. Sandy, it sounds like a hot and steamy read. And I’m with you about hating the edits, rewrites and everything else that goes into making our works successful. Thanks for sharing and best wishes in your career.

  3. That’s the way I feel about my WIP. RWA has really opened my eyes to learning the craft. Great interview. I started writing for something to when I retire and to get the burning story out of my head. Since like a great story just from the tease, it caught my interest.

  4. Great interview! There is so much power in self publishing but, yes, the work can be overwhelming too. Glad you had the back bone to turn down a contract that didn’t work for you. That takes some nerve. I have Conquered and I’m really looking forward to reading it!

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