When Your Muse Takes A Vacation by Gemma Juliana

288px-Muse_reading_Louvre_CA2220_2 Shortly after New Year’s Day, my muse decided to go for an extended vacation without telling me. She has stopped in here and there, but hasn’t come back yet.

There have been a few days in the interim when things flowed as if she were here. Writing was fluid. I was tempted to buy into the thought she was back. My intuition was right, though. Like a child away at summer camp who returns home for a week before going off to another event, she soon left again. I’m not even trying to write a new book. My goal is to edit and rewrite two novels started long ago. I work on them even without her, but it isn’t as much fun.

So, I’m attending to all the non-writing tasks on my to-do list. I put off writing one week at a time, until I can’t stand it and delve in again.

I’m not afraid she’s gone for good. Life has been intense lately, and I have no doubt that contributed to her fleeing for lighter pastures for a while.

A wise woman once said to me, “If your well runs dry you can’t nurture others, so give yourself permission to nurture yourself on a regular basis.”

So I make time to go to lunch with friends, enjoy my weekly breakfast date with my husband, go to the part with my sons and grandson, enjoy chocolates, fancy coffees and a glass of wine. Most of all, I laugh as much as I can.

Some writers swear by music, aromatherapy, massage, exercising, and travel to coax the muse back. It seems to differ for each of us.

What do you do when your muse deserts you? And, since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I’d love to know what you do to nourish yourself.

The_Sheikh's_Spy_-_Web_FS_2GEMMA JULIANA is a multi-published author who lives in an enchanted cottage in north Texas with her handsome hero, brave teen son and a comical dog who is really a human in disguise. She loves making new friends and hearing from readers. Exotic coffee and chocolate fuel her creativity. She writes romance, mystery and suspense with a splash of the paranormal. You’ll find alpha heroes in the Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle series and modern heroes in To Kiss A Leprechaun and Autumn Masquerade. More books coming soon.

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8 thoughts on “When Your Muse Takes A Vacation by Gemma Juliana

  1. Great blog Gemma. My muse takes a vacation much more often than I would like, but I just edit and work through it. It’s hard and most of what I write at that time, will have to come back out, but some of it, the best of it stays and gets my juices flowing again. Thanks for coming by.

    • Thanks so much for having me visit today, Cindy. I had a car problem and was stranded on the road. My day got messed up, so I wasn’t able to comment until now.

      I like what you say about continuing to write through a block, even if you later replace a lot of it with more inspired writing. I’m going to keep that in mind.

  2. That’s exactly where I am now. I’ve been writing book three of my Yellow Creek series for months and it’s been a struggle. Once in while my muse pops in and I get excited and write, then blank!!!! So, I step back, go outdoors and dig in the dirt – one thing for sure, my flower garden is looking good!

    • Hi Judy,

      Thanks for visiting today. Your garden must be just beautiful! There’s something to be said for sticking our fingers into the earth. It does stimulate creativity.

  3. I don’t think my muse has ever walked out on me, but I’ve walked out in it.

    Stress! We all have it. Sometimes as a way of coping, I hide with my muse and write, but other times life demands my full attention and I can’t write. Did something happen to make you turn your back on your muse? Did you really tick her off?

    Set some time aside every day and use it for just writing new words. She’ll come back when she realizes that she’s needed, and you are ready for her.

    • Hi E,

      You’ve helped me realize that I’ve been in a phase where life has required my full attention. This has a lot to do with it. I also need to move my workspace because it has become too noisy for my creative flow. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gemma- Tell your muse to quit hanging out with mine! They both seem to be playing around with us! And as for pampering myself… lol… that’s a good one. I even cut my own hair! My biggest pampering is to buy myself one or a dozen books!

    We should go out and laugh and play together and show our muses that we are just fine!! 🙂

    Love the post!!

  5. Melissa, you’ve made my day! We’ll probably find our muses hanging out at the spa, since neither of us seems able to make time for such pampering. Too funny! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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