What Makes a Man a Memorable Hero? by Gemma Juliana

What Makes a Man a Memorable Hero?

Crowning_Cover_-_Concept_2My question for you today is this: when reading a novel, what is the main characteristic you love in a man?

Writing a hero who is neither overly alpha nor a wimp can be challenging. Long ago my aspiration was to write for Harlequin and Silhouette, so it became natural to write alpha males. I started several dozen novels over a period of years. I’m highly qualified to write alpha males because my first husband was one. He could have walked right off the page of a Harlequin Presents story.

So, being a creature of habit, when I started writing in earnest a year and a half ago (new writing cycle) I wrote alpha male heroes. Until I noticed they reminded me of my ex-husband way too much.

I wanted to write a different kind of strong man, who was not an alpha, didn’t hide his emotions or need to control a woman. My new heroes should be more like my husband #2. He is a man of power but not in the traditional sense. He is quiet and emotionally demonstrative. He can cry as easily as he can laugh. He does the dishes and gives a great foot massage. He is 110% man, wears his power well, and is respected by most.

Why are short-fused hot-tempered macho men seen as strong just because they build fortunes and wield power? Their emotions are a closed book until the last few pages of the story. In fact, they are usually emotionally dysfunctional and bad relationship material.

Why are easy going, good-natured men who show their emotions and are willing to compromise often seen as pushovers and wimps? To_Kiss_a_Leprechaun(1)_2

The modern hero’s strength is his energy, self-confidence, and integrity. Please share your thoughts on what qualities make for an unforgettable hero. Share your favorite hero if you have one! Thanks for stopping by!

You’ll find alpha heroes in the Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle series and modern heroes in To Kiss A Leprechaun and Autumn Masquerade. More stories coming soon!

GEMMA JULIANA is a multi-published author who lives in an enchanted cottage in north Texas with her handsome hero, teen son and a comical dog. She loves making new friends and hearing from readers. Exotic coffee and chocolate fuel her creativity. She writes romance, mystery and suspense with a splash of the paranormal.
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14 thoughts on “What Makes a Man a Memorable Hero? by Gemma Juliana

  1. Gemma, I agree with your assessment of men. My husband is like your second husband. He never hides his emotions, and he seems to know my needs before I do. Thank you for sharing. My father was like your first husband; he liked to control people, especially my mother, but she was strong and stood up to him. He didn’t get to control me either. lol

  2. An enjoyable post, Gemma. My memorable man is understated. He’s confident in his strengths and abilities so he doesn’t have wave alpha status constantly to prove to everyone he is. I love your line about can cry as easily as he can laugh. Yes. That’s perfect. Best luck!

  3. Men who are kind, considerate and confident without being cocky are a draw for me. If he’s a good listener and doesn’t bristle or run when a woman gets emotional, that’s way sexy!

  4. I enjoyed your post, particularly when you talked about the alpha heroes. I find them not likeable most of the time. I much prefer an intelligent man who is confident in who he is and allows and encourages women, the heroine, to reach their own potential.

  5. Beverley, you’ve summed it up in a nicely. And to think once upon a lifetime I was drawn to alpha heroes like a bee to honey. I’m thankful I’ve healed that part of myself. They can still be entertaining on paper… sometimes.

  6. I think we’re conditioned to think physical strength makes a man, but that’s only part of being a hero. Inner strength tops body strength every time. My husband is like your second one. Why I love a hero is he’s strong enough to love the heroine who is independent and let his strengths and weaknesses compliment hers, but not dominate.

  7. I agree, inner strength can make the man with physical flaws handsome. I have a character in one of my books that has an ugly scar on his face, but the gentleness he reveals to the one he loves causes the scar to disappear and you see the truly handsome man he really is.

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