Want To Stay Out Of The Mud? Focus On The Simple Things   by Michele Callahan

black_gate_2_200x300-for-WE_2I know Thanksgiving is officially behind us, but I think it’s important to maintain that attitude of gratitude every day. Why? Because life is tough. People get sick. They die. They hurt and struggle and are in pain. We are all part of this dance called life, and if we don’t focus on the good things around us, it’s very easy to be pulled down into the mud. The mud is cold and dirty and sticky, and it’s like a suction cup on our souls, keeping us down. That mud is sadness, hate, guilt, fear…you get the idea.

I think reading a good book helps pull us out of the mud of life. It can make us feel happiness, contentment, love, and compassion. Romance novels, in particular, can fill us up in a way not many books do. Romance is the best of all worlds…adventure, suspense, forgiveness and true love.

So, in my attitude of gratitude today, I’m going to list the top 10 things I’m thankful for today. I’m going to leave out the usual suspects, because I think they’re a given; family, health, and home. I’m going for the simple pleasures in life, the things that make us sigh with contentment that perhaps we don’t even notice. Like…

1) Romance Novels

2) All books in general

3) Coffee

4) Puppies

5) Hugs

6) Friends

7) Chocolate

8) Google

9) My Laptop

10) Comfy Shoes

What’s on your list of simple things that make you happy? Leave a comment to win a digital copy of Black Gate. Sign up for my New Release Alerts today and you could win a digital copy of the first FIVE Timewalker Chronicles. 🙂

Hugs & Happy Reading

Michele Callahan
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Blurb From Black Gate: Timewalker Chronicles Book 4

Katherine Green is living a lie. She’s a top ranking paranormal commander for the Casper Project, a black ops program committed to tracking down aliens, alien artifacts and weaponry. She’s very, very good at what she does, which is lie. She’s a Timewalker descendant. She’s dedicated her life to helping others gifted with power to escape the claws of corrupt leaders who would use them for their own ends. But she’s also very, very good at tracking alien objects of power, and she’s just found the mother lode, a Black Gate, a transdimensional portal between worlds. What she doesn’t know is that the Gate has an agenda of its own, and an Immortal guardian who has been dispatched to kill her before she unwittingly unleashes a horde of evil Triscani Hunters on Earth.

Teagh’s been Guardian of the Gate, Darkwalker Lord, and the Dark One for centuries. He lives a solitary life hiding from both the Immortals on Itara and the human government here on Earth. He’s a guardian, not an assassin, but when he’s sent by an Immortal Seer to stop one human female from unleashing hell on Earth, he’s too late. She’s already on the other side, and the Gate no longer obeys him. Its allegiance has switched to the Timewalker female whose Mark burns through his blood. She Marked him, and now he aches to keep the dangerous female for himself.

But there’s a reason the Gate chose her, a reason the Triscani Hunters have been waiting to strike, and a reason the Lost King of Itara mysteriously vanished hundreds of years ago. Katherine and Teagh will fight their desire and each other as they uncover the truth about a dark future that could destroy them both.


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