The Nerdy Hero by Tracy Sumner

I’m the chick who loved the smartest boy in class. Glasses and a stunned look on his face, remember him? The brainiac.

The brainiac who turns out to be the hottest guy at your ten-year high school reunion.

What is it that we love about the sexy nerd?

Perhaps we like the fact that there is often angst beneath the calm. I like diving into the thought processes of the intelligent hero and understanding how deep thinking changes the way he interacts with the heroine. And what a surprise when these men turn out to be as wicked as their Alpha counterparts!

Noah Garrett, the hero of TIDES OF LOVE, is a sexy nerd all the way. A marine biologist and lover of restrained decision-making and practical information, he is thrown off his feet by the passion he experiences with Elle Beaumont, the woman who has adored him since they were children. I loved that he was fascinated with her – and fascinated by his reaction to her. She is the first unpredictable part of his life, the one thing he cannot control.

We don’t read too many romance novels about marine biologists in 1898! I though it was about time we did! This hero is my type, all the way. J

Happy reading. Please let me know if the sexy nerd if your type, too!



Tell him yes. What better way to show Noah Garrett you haven’t been pining after him for ten years? “I was terribly distraught. The entire situation nearly broke my heart. I looked so forward to being Mrs. Magnus Leland.” Her voice cracked hard on the last word.


The muscles in his shoulders tensed; he shoved to his feet. “You’re a terrible liar, Elle. Truly dreadful. Scares me to think you would waste a chance at marriage because of a silly”—he nudged the coach house door open with his elbow and ducked through the entrance—”infatuation when we were children.”


She slapped the door wide when he would have shut it in her face. “Why you arrogant, boorish—” Her words caught in her throat.


Stacks of books covered every surface. The desk, the leather chair and ottoman, the faded settee that had once been dark magenta.


Cautiously, she strolled to the desk. She hadn’t seen this many books since the long nights spent in the university library. She recalled rows and rows of chestnut shelves, covert laughter, and the smell of dust. The thrill of learning, of taking control of her life for the first time; sadly, the only time. Burying the burst of longing, she hefted a leather-bound volume as thick as her wrist. “Depths of the Sea,” she read and fingered the gold tassel marking the page. “This is magnificent, Noah.” She turned the vellum slowly. “You know, I had an interest in biology once, but that, well, that was a long time ago.” She shook her head, denying the impulse to tell him.

Why would Noah care about her dream of finishing university?


“They’re books for the laboratory, mostly. The others are for research.” Elle felt the heat of his body before she smelled him. A rush of warmth, then the tantalizing scent of sea and man. His arm circled her waist as he lifted the book from her hand. He brushed his finger across the mark Magnus’s cheek had left on her palm.

Experience…Love, Passion, Desire with the Garrett Boys.






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Tracy’s story telling career began when she picked up a copy of LaVyrle Spencer’s Vows on a college beach trip. A journalism degree and a thousand romance novels later, she decided to try her hand at writing a southern version of the perfect love story. With a great deal of luck and more than a bit of perseverance, she sold her first novel to Kensington Publishing.


When not writing sensual stories featuring complex characters and lush settings, Tracy can be found reading romance, snowboarding, watching college football and figuring out how she can get to 100 countries before she kicks (which is a more difficult endeavor than it used to be with her four-year-old son in tow). After stops in France, Switzerland and Taiwan, she now lives in the south. However, after spending a few years in “the city”, she considers herself a New Yorker at heart.


Tracy has been awarded the National Reader’s Choice, the Write Touch and the Beacon – with finalist nominations in the HOLT Medallion, Heart of Romance, Rising Stars and Reader’s Choice. Her books have been translated into German, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. She loves hearing from readers about why she tends to pit her hero and heroine against each other and that great novel she simply must order in five seconds on her Kindle.




8 thoughts on “The Nerdy Hero by Tracy Sumner

  1. Hi Tracy! I love the books and your hunky nerd. I hope Elle leads him on a merry chase before tackling him to the sand and… Um, changing subject now. What drew you to the turn of the century time period?

  2. Okay, you’ve totally sucked me in. I am a fool for a nerdy man. I love an Alpha hero as much as the next girl, but I also love the adorkable ones. They have so much potential. I love when the heroine is surprised by the depths of passion the nerdy hero is concealing. 🙂

  3. Hey, guys! My old pal Norah!

    Linda: Okay, this is kinda of a funny story. I dated a guy in grad school who had been a marine biologist. And I started doing research because the topic fascinated me. And to have the marine science/laboratory element, I had to place it fairly close to the turn of the century, due to the dates the labs were built. All of my information regarding this is factual. 🙂 With minor changes, which I note in the author letter. 🙂 I LOVE Noah — he’s my favorite hero ever! But I am very much looking forward to writing about Caleb — Garrett brother #3. I hope to have his story out by June. Zach is Garrett #2 — Tides of Passion.

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