The Heart of the Story by Edie Ramer

Please help me welcome Edie Ramer to my blog today. Edie is giving away an e-copy of one of her Miracle Interrupted books to a lucky commenter: MUST WORSHIP CATS, MIRACLE LANE and MIRACLE PIE. (MUST WORSHIP CATS, which introduces the series, is a novella, and STARDUST MIRACLE, the first novel, is free at most places for now.)

The Heart of the Story

Stardust_Miracle_232x347_72dpi_2I love a love story. Two of my favorite TV shows are Bones and Castle. I enjoy their mix of seriousness and humor, but other shows have that mix and they aren’t my favorites. What the other shows don’t have is what’s at the center of both shows: a love story.

In my magical realism series, Miracle Interrupted, people have problems, families, pets, goals, nosy neighbors—but while all this life stuff happens, so does love. Though it’s a series, the plot for each book is different from the others. What’s the same is that each story has attitude, magic and love.

In STARDUST MIRACLE, the heroine finds out her husband is cheating early in the story and has to restart her life. MIRACLE LANE is about a woman whose memory was wiped out after someone tried to kill her. The hero was in the Afghanistan war and suffers from PTSD. That book has a mystery/suspense element. MIRACLE PIE is the closest to a classic romance, with a heroine who cherishes her home and her pie making career, and a filmmaker hero whose career choice leads him away from the heroine. MO’S HEART, which will be out in early April, has a Mafia element, though this love story, like all the stories, takes place in the Wisconsin village of Miracle with a population of 634. A place where miracles happen…and so does love.

Miracle_Pie_246x360_2Here’s an excerpt from MIRACLE PIE:

“Hey, wake up.” A hand touched Katie’s shoulder, and she jerked her chin and her eyelids up. “Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

Staring into Gabe’s eyes, so close to hers, she felt herself drowning in his bright blue gaze. She started to raise her hand to his face, but it was too much effort. In her head, words formed. Are you an angel?

“How did you know?” she asked instead, the words slow and kind of slurred as she talked around her tongue that felt too big for her mouth.

The soft pad of his thumb brushed her cheek. He laughed softly. “Because you were sleeping. We’re taking a break. Why don’t you take a nap?”

Another thought drifted into her mind. I’ll take a nap with you.

“Katie?” Rosa’s voice colored with concern.

Miracle_Lane_225x329_2Katie blinked, the cloud disappeared and she thumped down to earth. Rosa stepped next to Gabe, a frown worrying her forehead.

“I’m awake.” Katie straightened her spine. “I’m fine. I don’t need a nap.”

Gabe smiled, as if he’d read her thoughts. “Take all the time you need. I won’t rush you.”

Delicious. He was pure deliciousness.

“You’re very comforting,” she said. “I suppose you have a girlfriend or wife.”

His smile deepened, the blue in his eyes shining brighter. “Not anymore.”

A choked laugh came from Taz, and Katie stood, her face heating. She told them she’d be back in a moment then stepped over her snoring Beagle to hurry to the bathroom. Luckily her hair didn’t need much more than a fluffing and her makeup was still intact. When her cheeks cooled, she took a deep breath and headed back to the kitchen.

MWCs_200x300_300_dpi_127_KB_2She’d made up her mind.

He didn’t have a girlfriend. He was planning to stick around for at least another day to make a rough edit for Rosa before leaving.

Why not take advantage of it? Why not have a fling? A one-night stand? He hadn’t said anything to show he was attracted to her, but she’d noticed the way his gaze lingered on her, the heat in his eyes and the caress in his voice.

She didn’t normally do flings, but why not now? He seemed…safe. And he for sure was seductive. The next day he would leave, and her life with her pies and her kitchen, with her dad and her friends nearby wouldn’t change.

And she would have something wonderful to remember. The way people told her they remembered her pies. As if her pies made their lives happier.

Edie Ramer is funnier on the page than in real life. A multiple award-winning writer, she writes stories with heart, attitude, and magic. She lives in southeastern Wisconsin with her husband, one dog, and one important cat.

In addition to her Miracle Interrupted series, she’s published in paranormal and scifi romance, plus a humorous mystery. She co-edited ENTANGLED, A PARANORMAL ANTHOLOGY, with all the proceeds going to cancer research.

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17 thoughts on “The Heart of the Story by Edie Ramer

  1. I love the excerpt, and I love your writing, Ms. Ramer. Bones and Castle are my kind of reads too. Always appreciate a lot of emotion broken at times by a touch of humor. You do it all so well!

    • Angela, so glad you enjoyed the excerpt! We have an English Setter, and we did have a Beagle who we loved. And, yes, we have a cat, and she’s a sweetheart. I’d like to have more cats, but I had a hard time to talking my husband into getting just one.

  2. Edie, I love the description, “magical realism” it fit so well. You are an amazing person who writes amazing stories that resonate beyond genres. Your work really shines. Congratulations on your newest book. Can’t wait to read it!

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