The Destiny Trilogy: A Collection of Hot Sci-Fi Romance by Michele Callahan

The Destiny Trilogy: A Collection of Hot Sci-Fi Romance
Rogue’s Destiny, Queen’s Destiny, Warrior’s Destiny: Three Stories in One Omnibus Edition

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trilogy_cover_full_for_web_2The Powerful First Three Books of the Erotic Sci-Fi Romance Series: The Ozera Wars

Imagine…A planet divided along two lines — magic vs. technology. A society of women warriors who rule their continents with the most advanced weapons and technology in the quadrant. The Daughters of The House of Moons escaped from magical and sexual slavery over seven hundred years ago, but now produce Ozera Potent, a chemical weapon used suppress their own people, and to sexually enslave others.

Imagine…A race of powerful sorcerers, who have had enough of the female Moon Warriors taking them hostage, stealing their seed, and then murdering their brothers.

Let the battle begin…

ROGUE’S DESTINY (Book 1) Hana is the second daughter of the House of Moons, sister to the Queen, and revered scholar of Anthea. Everything she believes about her people, and about herself, is a lie.

Kiel Lonriev, Prince of Melos, left his home on a rescue mission. Captured by powerful Anthean elders, he knows death is preferable to the torture ahead.

Only she can save him…

Only he can show her the truth…

Their forbidden union will violently alter the course of their planet’s future.

QUEEN’S DESTINY (Book 2) A strange message from a kidnapped friend sends Charla, next in line to the throne of Anthea, away from home in search of answers on the dangerous and scintillating Space Station Tantra 9. ‘T9’ is famous for illegal deeds, sexual slavery, and sales of everything imaginable, including the highly prized aphrodisiac Ozera Potent supplied by her people. But she gets too close to her prey and a sorceress from her own planet, an enemy, will take control of her mind and memories, sending her on another mission entirely…to track down and protect one of the most feared men from her home world, the bastard prince Padraic, pirate, rebel, and blood enemy.

Padraic Lonriev is on a mission of his own. His beloved younger sister was kidnapped by slavers, his niece murdered, and the Crown Sentinals in charge of their protection have both mysteriously vanished. He’s determined to find his sister and her abductors, and he has no time for a meddling, naive Moon Warrior from Anthea no matter how attractive or deadly. Trouble is Charla is the only link he has to his missing sister. If he loses the trail now, he might never get it back. Now all he has to do is seduce the fierce female warrior without getting himself killed in the process…or falling in love.

WARRIOR’S DESTINY (Book 3) Princess and powerful sorceress, Kamara Lonriev went to great lengths to escape her planet undetected to hunt her cousin’s killer. After months of posing as the Slave Empress, the notorious and highest priced courtesan on Tantra 9, her prey draws near, unable to resist her promised perversions, or the deep well of her magic, power the evil parasite needs to sustain his immortal life.

Royal Crown Sentinel Tobiath is being hunted for a murder he did not commit. He walks and no one sees him. He watches and none notice his presence. He infiltrates spy rings, executes criminals, hunts the truth… and no one remembers his face. To his people, he is less than an insect, less than a ghost. Spy and assassin for his government, he is immune to magic. And so he moves, flows, and drifts anywhere and everywhere. Unseen and forgotten.

Blood bound to his charge at her birth, Tobiath is the only one who knows the truth, the princess’s cousin is still very much alive, prisoner of an ancient and malevolent enemy. Honor bound to both rescue his charge and save the headstrong Kamara from her own machinations, he infiltrates the Slave Empress’s lair and takes her captive. Evil hunts them both. Tobiath can’t afford distractions. But how can he resist a woman he would die to possess, but is forbidden to touch?

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