Sunday Sneak Peek – Redeemed by a Rebel 02.23.2014

Here is my Sunday Sneak Peek for my latest book Redeemed by a Rebel. As a reward for commenting, you’ll be entered into the drawing for a print copy of my last book, Fiery Bride. Be sure and leave me a comment. (Print book for US winner only. International winner will receive an ecopy)

Redeemed by a Rebel 300 dpi“Not at all, sir. It was in both our best interests that I do so. The person that is mining the claim for you needs the money I pay. Plus I let her keep fifty percent of the gold she finds in addition to the nominal daily rate I pay, so the situation is a winning one all around.”

“Her? Your miner is a woman?” asked Liam.

“Yes. She and her father have the claim next to mine…er…yours.” A pretty little blush crept up her neck at her error. “The situation was ideal to ask her to work the property to keep the find active so I could sell. If it’s not active, anyone can take the mine over. A lot of the Chinese take over the inactive ones. I didn’t want that to happen so I asked Becky to work the mine for me.”

A customer came in and Miss Sutter held up one finger. “Excuse me. I’ll be right back,” she said before leaving to help the man.

In a few minutes she was back. “I’m sorry for that, but my regular business must come first. I thought our discussion would be lasting a bit longer than I wanted the man to wait. Anyway, yes, Becky Finnegan pans the gold for me. Her father is supposed to work with her, but well, he’s pretty useless if you ask me. Will you need supplies?”

Jake was trying hard to keep up with the conversation. Miss Sutter was a ball of fire. Jumping from one thing to the other.

“Yes,” said Liam. “We’ll need basic supplies for about a month. Sugar, flour, coffee, salt, cornmeal and beans. We also need some bacon rind. Do you have eggs? We haven’t had eggs in more than two months and I know it would be a treat to have them for dinner tonight.”

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