Sunday Sneak Peek – Heiress Bride #5

Here is the next installment of my current release, Heiress Bride. Hope you enjoy.

heiress_brideNathan chuckled. “She might as well be. She’d been with me since my father took me from my mother, Singing Bird. You might say Martha is my white mother.”

“Now you’ve got me thoroughly confused. Maybe later you can explain it all to me.”

“We’ll have plenty of time for that.”

Ella turned to Martha. “Please don’t let me interrupt your routine. I want to learn all I can. We had a cook, housekeeper and maids in New York, so I’m woefully ignorant, but I want to learn to do things myself. I know I’ll need your help so don’t worry about me taking over all your duties. That won’t ever happen, but I want to learn. Will you teach me?”

“Sure. I’ll teach ya. Looks like ya got a keeper, Nathan.”

“Thank you, Martha. I think so, too.” He placed his hand on Ella’s waist. “Let’s go drop off your valise and then I’ll show you the rest of the property.”

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