Sneak Peek Sunday – REDEEMED BY A REBEL

Here are the next 7 paragraphs for my upcoming book, REDEEMED BY A REBEL. This is a news series for me. I hope you like this little taste.


“The colonel.”

“Jesus! You two had better tell me what’s going on. Start at the beginning.”

Jake began to pace. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath. He didn’t want to relive that moment when he lost Elizabeth, but he knew he had to. For Liam. So he’d understand.

“I went to see Elizabeth just like I did every day, just to snatch a few minutes together.” His voice broke and he paused, gathering himself to face the memory. “Her mother and aunt kept her pretty busy with wedding plans so we didn’t get to see each other much.”

“When I got there I heard a gunshot come from the house. I ran to the door but the dang thing was locked and I had to break it down. I lost precious moments doing that. When I got to the parlor, there were two men standing over Elizabeth. Her face was bloodied and her dress ripped, the skirt bunched around her waist. The one holding the gun was a colonel and the other was Longworth, a captain. Both in full uniform. The bastard captain was buttoning his pants when I walked in. I shot him on the spot.

“As soon as the colonel saw me he ran out the other door toward the kitchen. I followed but he was on his horse and riding away by the time I reached the back door.”

Leave me a comment. One winner will be drawn to win a signed copy of TAME A WILD WIND and a coffee cup of either REDEEMED BY A REBEL or one of my other books.

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