Sneak Peek Sunday – Heiress Bride Peek #2

I want to give you all an excerpt of my current release, HEIRESS BRIDE. Heiress Bride is currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and in paperback format. To one lucky commentor, I’m giving a copy of the book, HEIRESS BRIDE in any format they want, paperback is for US only.

And now for the sneak peek. They’ve just come through Golden where a young man ran alongside the buckboard talking and wanting to meet Ella. Hope you enjoy this peek into the story.

heiress_bride“I bet you’re blushing under that veil,” said Nathan.

“Why would I be blushing?” she asked, all too aware of his arm still around her waist.

“Jamie and his, shall we say exuberance at meeting you. Everyone knew I was meeting my bride today. He just wanted to be the first to meet you.”

She laughed. “Yes, well, he was awfully excited, wasn’t he?”

Nathan moved his arm and took the reins in both hands again as they left the city behind. She felt a little bereft. She liked his arm around her. Liked that he wanted everyone to know she was his.

As soon as they’d left Golden City behind, Ella took off her hat and veil once again. She shoved the offending apparel under the seat and turned her face to the sun. Its warmth something she’d not felt for a long time.

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