Sneak Peek Sunday – Heiress Bride #7

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday. I hope you’ll enjoy the excerpt.


“But if we decide that we don’t suit, we can get an annulment much easier than a divorce.”

He dropped his hand and closed the distance between them. “Get one thing straight.” He took her by the shoulders. “There will be no annulment and no divorce.” Then he brought his mouth down on hers the way he’d wanted to all day. He was gratified when her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed him back. His tongue pressed against the seam of her lips as he begged for entry.

She eased her lips apart and he entered, slowly, gentling the kiss. Tentatively, she touched her tongue to his and he thought he’d die if he didn’t get more. He dueled with her, feasted on her, forgetting she was untried until she pulled back.

“Nathan?” she asked, her breathing hard.

“Ella. I want you, but I’ll compromise with you. We sleep together, learn each other’s body. I won’t take you until you ask me, but I will touch you. Everywhere.”

With those words he left her.

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