Sneak Peek Sunday – Fiery Bride week 6

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When we left Maggie and Caleb they were starting to leave for dinner and to talk when another man came up to them. Maggie asked, “And you are?”

fiery_bride 200 x 300“I’m Martin Butler and I’ve a bone to pick with you. My bride ran off and if you’re going to take the place of a runaway bride, it’s going to be mine.” He grabbed her arm.

Maggie tried to shake him loose but he was strong.

Caleb had no problem stepping in. He took the man’s wrist with his right hand and sent a left hook to Butler’s jaw, sending him backwards to the ground. Butler released Maggie as he fell. His hand went immediately to his jaw.

“Do not touch Mrs. Selby.” Caleb’s voice was soft, steely.

“Owww. Alright. Alright.” He backed away, out of Caleb’s reach.

Maggie moved closer to Caleb and peeked around his shoulder. “You’re Mr. Butler? You’re supposed to be forty years old. You’re sixty-five if you’re a day. No wonder Beatrice ran away. You lied to me and for some reason, Mr. Sinclair didn’t tell me your real age. Why is that, I wonder? And how did you know I’d be here?”

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