Sneak Peek Sunday, Fiery Bride – week 5

Background. Maggie Selby, matchmaker extraordinaire, has had one of her brides bolt and marry someone else while on the trip to Denver. Maggie finally arrives in Denver, without the bride for Caleb Black.

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Now for the excerpt.

fiery_brideThe train pulled to a stop in front of the depot in Denver. Maggie looked out the window and saw mountains standing tall in the distance. They appeared purple and snow still covered the tallest peaks even now at the height of summer. They stood bright against a sky so blue it reminded her of her childhood on the farm in upstate New York, with its clear skies and starry nights. The soot in the New York City air kept the sky looking gray most of the time. She hadn’t realized how much she missed seeing the sky so clean.

The beauty didn’t escape her even if her nerves prevented her from fully enjoying it. She rose from her seat and smoothed her skirt preparing to meet Mr. Caleb Black. How she would tell him that she had arrived without his bride she didn’t know. Taking a deep breath, she straightened her back and walked off the train.

Maggie removed her gloves and shook them, the ash and soot made a small dust cloud. It was hard to believe they managed to still look mostly black despite the dirt. She neatly folded them and placed them in one of the valises at her feet. She stood on the platform in the late afternoon sun waiting for Mr. Black. Sweat trickle between her breasts and she wanted nothing more than to cleanse her body with a cold cloth and lie naked in a cool, dark room with a breeze from an open window flowing over her. Instead she watched as couples reunited with loving embraces. Families welcomed home fathers and brothers, sisters and mothers from trips to the east. The pang in her heart reminded her that she had no one in her life that would miss her or welcome her home.

She was so caught up in the reunions she hadn’t noticed the tall man’s approach.

“Mrs. Selby?” asked a deep baritone voice from beside her.

She spun around and looked up, way up, into dark, coffee colored eyes. “Yes.”

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