Sneak Peek Sunday – FIERY BRIDE week 4

Maggie has just met Mr. Caleb Black. She has explained that she is without his bride and he told her “you’ll do.”

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fiery_bride 200 x 300“You can’t be serious,” she finally said. Guilty she’d been lusting after one of her clients. One of her bride’s suitors.

“But I am. I think we’ll suit.”

“We most certainly will not suit.” She almost stomped her foot in anger, but she wasn’t really angry. She actually couldn’t blame him. And getting angry wouldn’t solve anything.

He smiled, tucked his thumbs in his belt and rocked back on his heels. Then he asked her, “What’s waiting for you back in New York, Maggie?”

“Don’t call me Maggie.”

“Fine. What’s waiting for you…Margaret? You have no husband, no family. I know you don’t from your letters.”

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