Sneak Peek Sunday

Here is another installment of my upcoming book, Heiress Bride, I hope you enjoy it.

heiress_brideHe held the door for her and she walked through to a new life on the other side.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Nathan lifted her veil and gave her the most amazing, gentlest kiss she’d ever had. Before her accident she’d had her share of beauxs. Young men who would sneak a kiss in the shadows of the garden. None of whom continued to come around after the accident. After they’d seen the damage done.

Nathan was different. He didn’t cringe. His eyes actually seemed to be filled with passion when he looked at her. Like he was staking a claim. And she guessed he did have a claim to her now. He was her husband. Husband. She’d thought she’d never have one. Now this beautiful man was hers and his kiss held the promise of good things to come.

Ella wore her veil until they were out of Denver, then put it back on when they went through Golden City. Several men hollered at Nathan as they passed.

“Hey there, Nathan. Who’s that beside you? That the new missus?” asked a red haired young man, who ran up beside the wagon as it slowly passed.

“Yes, Jamie. This is Ella. My wife.”

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6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday

  1. Congratulations and good luck on your upcoming release! I always love a character who isn’t “perfect” in the romance novel sense so Ella sounds interesting to me.

  2. What a snippet. This looks like a book for me. I’m so glad I saw this on Twitter.
    Congratulations on the up coming release.

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