Sneak Peek Sunday

Here is the next installment of my next book, Heiress Bride.

heiress_bride“You’re crazy. People back up when they see me. I don’t like that. I won’t wear it at home or with people who know us. Perhaps, eventually I won’t wear it at all, but I need time to adjust.”

Nathan nodded. “I understand. Some people back up when they see me, too.”

“Why? You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.”

She watched him redden at her praise, obviously not used to it. “Thank you for the compliment. But that’s not what whites see. They see an Indian. A breed. That’s what those who don’t know me call me. A breed. You may get called names, too. Are you prepared for that?”

She thought about it for a moment before answering. “If you’re willing to put up with the comments you’ll hear about me, then I’ll try to put up with the name calling. But I won’t have you disparaging yourself in front of me. You have no need to apologize to anyone.”

“Nor do you.”

I’ll give one lucky commentor a ecopy of the first book in this series, Capital Bride. This is the Matchmaker & Co series and Heiress Bride is book two.

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