Short Excerpt Sunday

Since I’m told there isn’t a six sentence Sunday anymore and I have more than six sentences, I’m calling this Short Excerpt Sunday. Leave me a comment and be entered into the drawing for a $5 Starbucks card or a copy of Tame A Wild Bride in paperback (US only) or as an ebook. I hope you’ll leave me a comment.

Also, this is the cover reveal for my new book, CAPITAL BRIDE, coming out by Christmas. I’d love to get your opinions on it.

Now to the excerpt.

He jumped down and then held his arms up to the child. The girl fell into them and wrapped her arms around his neck. There she buried her face, clearly not wanting to meet her new stepmother and sister.

He carried her up the stairs of the platform stopping in front of Sarah. Now that he was closer she saw that his green eyes were rimmed with dark lashes and stood in sharp contrast to his dark hair. Sun, wind and laughter had left lines at his mouth and eyes, giving him character. His face was very pleasing with a sexy shadow of stubble on his strong jaw.

“Mrs. Johnson?” His smooth baritone washed over her leaving her with a little tingle of awareness. One she hadn’t felt in years. Not since before Lee died.

16 thoughts on “Short Excerpt Sunday

  1. Cindy, I understand Six Sentence Sunday is finishing at the end of January (unfortunately, as I have found it a great way to meet other authors).
    Love your excerpt, especially your description of the hero!

  2. What a fun excerpt! And I love “short excerpt Sunday.” Some of my author friends do a “Six Sentence Sunday” on their writing blogs, but I think I may just need to borrow your “Short Excerpt Sunday” idea for my blog, because I’m never sure what 6 sentences to share :D. Is that excerpt also from your “Capital Bride”? I do love the cover art; her gingham dress is a lovely touch.

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