Set the Scene in Six sentences Sunday

This is from my WIP Redeemed by a Rebel, from the Destiny in Deadwood series.

fiery_bride_150 x 225Structures of every size lined the main street. Tents were thrown up in front of the buildings. The largest of the buildings were the Gem Theater, the Grand Hotel and the Bella Union. Weary miners could spend their hard earned gold on liquor, women and games of chance in the saloons and whorehouses of the Gem and the Bella Union. Places where they could remember easier, happier times when they were farmers, ranchers, lawyers and sailors. The people came from all walks of life, having given up or lost everything in the Panic of 1873.

capital_bride 150 225I’d love your comments on my scene. Can you see it? If not, give me some insight into what I need. I’ll be forever grateful.

heiress_bride 150 x 225

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