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Buried_Agendas_-_600x900x300Reunion stories. I love ‘em; I write ‘em.

Thank you to Cynthia Woolf for the opportunity to drop by and visit again.  You’re so generous and I love this blog. It also gives me a chance to tell new and different readers about my work – work that you might otherwise not know about, so Cindy, once again, thank you!

In writing, reading and judging romantic suspense novels over the years, I’ve noticed that many, many of them revolve around reunion stories.  I thought it was just me, but, no, apparently readers love them, too.  Which made me ask – why?

I’ve been married for 32 years. I consider my marriage a success story.  My husband came around after I’d kissed a few proverbial toads.  So what’s the deal?  Why don’t I want to read and write about a successful marriage story?  Because—ahem–I crave the happily ever after, and in between kissing those toads (okay some were pretty cute), there was some heartache.  I might have caused it, or the guy I was with was a contributor.  But the fact remained either I, or he, wouldn’t change.  That’s called conflict.  (In real life, most sensible people walk away from conflict… but in romance . . . .)

Readers love conflict.  I could write about my real life love story, rave on and on about my kids.  But no doubt that would have the reader closing the book—or worse never picking it up in the first place!

Because I write what I love, and readers are no different than me, I wager.  When I read I want angst, the possibility that two people destined to be together might never get there.  I want to turn the pages wondering, rooting and eventually cheering them on when a pre-destined couple gets together.  Like working a puzzle, I want to worry about them along the way, and think, how is this author going to resolve this story?

That’s a major reason I wrote BURIED AGENDAS.  I wanted to create a story where the conflict was so great between two people that the chances of them ending up together seemed impossible.  I also write suspense, and I wanted to set their love story in an environment that would entertain the reader, keep them on the edge of their seats, and make them turn pages.  (Much better than reading about a 32-year old marriage, right?).  At least I hope so.

So without further ado, here’s the blurb.

A devastating secret drove her from the man she loved.  Will a secret equally as deadly lead her back to him?

Diana Reid is an investigative reporter skilled at uncovering other people’s secrets. It’s her own she works to keep buried. Eight years earlier, she promised to leave her fiancé and hometown of Diamond, Texas forever. That pledge vanishes when she receives a letter stating people are going to die, implicating her hometown’s largest employer, and making a veiled threat against her mother. With no other choice, Diana will return to Diamond, albeit in disguise, to discover the anonymous author.

Brad Jordan moved on with his life after Diana walked out on him. Just as he rebuilt his life, as the newly elected mayor of Diamond, and newly engaged to be married, he plans to rebuild his struggling hometown.  Those plans are threatened when an El Paso physician notifies Brad that she believes his family’s company, Jordan Industries, is conducting illegal practices and sacrificing the public’s health.

When the doctor suggests bringing in Diana to uncover the wrongdoing, Brad opposes the idea. Still, when Diana appears despite his wishes, he’s forced to accept that a woman he vowed to forget may be his only option to get to the truth. Together Diana Reid and Brad Jordan face a dangerous adversary—one whose only intent is keeping a deadly agenda buried.

So what about you?  Do you like reunion stories or should I start working on my marriage memoirs J  For those who comment, let’s have a drawing (U.S. residents for paper copy. Digital all others.)  To reunions… and of course, happily ever afters.

Donnell_Author_Photo_reisizeDonnell Ann Bell grew up in New Mexico and today lives in Colorado.  A homebody at heart, she concentrates on suspense that might happen in her neck of the woods – writing SUSPENSE TOO CLOSE TO HOME.  She is the author of The Past Came Hunting, Deadly Recall and Betrayed, all of which have been e-book best sellers. Buried Agendas is her newest release. Along with veteran police officer Wally Lind, Donnell co-owns Crimescenewriters, a Yahoo group putting law enforcement experts together with writers. Donnell loves to hear from readers. Like her on Facebook or contact her via her website   

16 thoughts on “Reunion Stories by Donnell Ann Bell

  1. Love this post. While I wish I had your 32 year love story in my life (my husband passed away years ago) I have to agree that to make a book riveting there has to be a lot more conflict than we want in our real lives. As it happens, I am just starting book four in The Camerons of Tide’s Way series and this one is a reunion story as well. I hope it even begins to measure up to Buried agendas.

    • Skye, my condolences on your loss. That’s one of the blessings/curse of a good marriage. My husband always tells me… we didn’t come into the world together the chances of leaving together are slim. I’m sure everything you have ever written measures up to Buried Agendas. Happy New Year!

  2. I absolutely love reunion stories,too. A lot of my books are reunions, a lot I chose to read are also. There’s something so romantic about two people overcoming a problem that separated them to find love and happiness.

    • Melissa Keir, yep. There’s always a bit of melancholy when a relationship ends, particularly if you really cared about the person. Romance has a way of fixing that, don’t you agree?

  3. Reunion stories are a nice change of pace. I like wondering if two people who were involved in the past, or at least acquainted, will ultimately wind up together. And if not, will the story be great enough for me to accept it.
    Would love to win a copy of Buried Agendas since I’ve enjoyed another of Donell’s books.

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