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3_A_Heat_of_the_Moment_Thing_Amazon-Smashwords_E-Book_Cover_2Hi everyone! (Waves madly.) And thanks so much for inviting me, Cynthia. I’m excited to be here.

What do you do when a crisis hits and you’re stressed to the max? Seems to me people fall into two groups: the eat-everything-in-sight kind, and the can’t-touch-a-thing kind. I’d love to fall into the second category but, sadly, I don’t. I land with both feet firmly in the ‘this little piggy wants dinner’ category.

Last year was a bad year, stress-wise. We live in Christchurch, NZ (aka QuakeZone) and had a year of insurance battles, house-selling woes, house-purchasing scrabbles (first in best house in this frantic market), schooling worries, car hassles, family stuff . . . Anyway, I got to November and realized there was a reason none of my clothes fitted me: I’d become a fat little piggy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANaturally, I did the head-in-sand thing and added to the problem over Christmas. Then I reeled in shock at the scales and made a New Year’s resolution. Seven kilos had to go. I’d done it before; I could do it again. Except last time I tried to lose weight I didn’t have a life-changing Nespresso coffee maker on my bench, ready to give me very fluffy, incredibly yummy cappuccinos at the push of a button.

Apparently there’s a reason I don’t feel hungry after a cappuccino: milk has calories. So I’m having to be more single-minded in my dieting this time around. It’s not easy. But my clothes are too tight and if I want to fit back into them it’s going to take serious dedication.

In A Heat Of The Moment Thing Becky has a similar problem. Her New Year’s resolution is “Get fit, have a life, to hell with men”. Although she isn’t really a resolutions girl, Becky sees this as something of a declaration and a new approach to life. Unfortunately one get-fit swim gets her knocked out and rescued in the most mortifyingly public way. Fast forward a few days and Becky starts her new job, complete with bald patch, stitches and cover-up headscarf. Unbeknown to her, she’s about to meet her rescuer again . . .

We reached the kitchenette. “Some people, of course, live at the coffee machine. Matthew Frobisher, for instance.” He indicated the man in front of us. “This guy’s intake is nothing short of hazardous.”

The addict in question straightened and, coffee in hand, turned our way. He checked as he saw me, then smiled.

Wow. I took in the tall, toned body, the broad shoulders, the mess of blond hair with a couldn’t-care-less fringe flopping over one eye. Hot.

“Becky,” said Gary, “meet Matt, London’s biggest caffeine junkie and your course supervisor.”

Matt’s eyes locked with mine. Deep, chocolate-brown, come-to-bed eyes. Under the fluorescent lights they looked almost black.

He shook my hand. “Well, hello again.”

My stomach did an elevator-swoop down to my toes and back. Oh God. That voice. Rich, compelling, familiar.

Every droplet of moisture on my tongue dried up, rendering it a useless blob of flesh.

“I know you, right?” he prompted, still holding my hand.

I watched his lips as he spoke, my mind replaying for the zillionth time those unforgettable minutes after I’d regained consciousness; leaning back against his chest, cocooned by his hard muscular strength, his arms holding me close, his heartbeat strong at my back, the warmth and gentle power of his hands, his deep chocolate-y voice a caress in my ear, tempting me, enticing me, seducing me . . . and stop! This had to stop! Right now!

I dragged some air into my lungs and it fuelled the fire in my cheeks. A few more degrees and I’d spontaneously combust.

Which, all things considered, might not be a bad option.

I withdrew my hand and licked my lips. “Um, no, I don’t think we’ve met; no.” Liar, liar.

I moved to inspect the coffee machine, every hair on my head aware of his gaze. Why had I just said that? What good could it possibly do?

“Oh. I could have sworn . . . Hmm. Sorry, my mistake.” Matt cleared his throat. “It’s good to have you on board, Becky. I’ll catch up with you later, once you’ve had a chance to settle in.”

He paused. “Nice scarf, by the way.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

I couldn’t turn around. I daren’t turn around. He’d read the truth all over my face.

As you may have guessed, Matt is about to put Becky’s “to hell with men” resolution to the test. Want to read more? You can! A Heat Of The Moment Thing is available (digital or paperback) at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.

I’m also offering a book GIVEAWAY for Cynthia’s readers! One commenter will win a digital copy (your choice of kindle, epub or PDF) of A Heat Of The Moment Thing. All you have to do is answer this for me:
Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution around dating? How successful were you, and did it have the effect you wanted? Or maybe you’ve made a resolution involving other aspects of your life. Tell me about it. Did it work?

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SONY DSCAbout Maggie:
Maggie Le Page lives in Christchurch, New Zealand (aka QuakeZone) with her partner, two children, and a snooty cat who thinks they’re all her slaves. Her days are spent running around after kids or doing one of her ‘real’ jobs, so her writing generally happens in the dead of night. (Morning? No. She’s a third-generation night owl. Enough said.)

She loves chocolate, hates being cold, and is ever fascinated by the possibility of time travel. Obviously, her ideal experience would be to wake up on a tropical island eighty years into the future, with an endless supply of chocolate on hand.

A Heat Of The Moment Thing, Maggie’s debut novel, is chick lit with lashings of romance and humor. She’ll be releasing her second, The Trouble With Dying, later this year.

Visit her website You can also find her on Facebook and Goodreads

30 thoughts on “Resolutions Schmesolutions by Maggie Le Page

  1. Thanks for inviting me here today, Cynthia. It’s 11.25pm down here in New Zealand so I thought I’d pop in quickly now, and I’ll be back tomorrow morning (my time!) to see if any of you have ever made New Year’s dating resolutions… and how it went, of course!

  2. Well my New Year’s Resolution about dating was made when I was in collage eons ago…personal computers were still a thing for Si-Fi books (books back then were only available in print and the only way you got published was by running the publishing house gauntlet)! I was a “long distance runner” (aka: “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” applies). My goal was to find a date so I filled out a survey for a new thing called a “computer dating service,” I believe it was called “Operation Match.” They sent me five names and I contacted each of them one at a time and got together with each, finding that the computer must have been wired to provide “operation don’t match” as each young lady was as opposite as opposite could be! I contacted the service and they sent five more names and these young ladies were not as opposite as the previous but far enough away from my interests that it took several more series of five before I started to think “maybe there is hope!” Finally, I called the last of the last five and we talked for three-hours on the phone, finding all sorts of mutual interests just from that conversation. We have been married now just a little over 46 years and have two grown children, four grandchildren and are still deeply in love (how she puts up with me I’ve never figured out)!

    • Oh Guy! That is such a gorgeous story! You must have been horrified when that first series of five “perfect matches” were so blatantly wrong for you. In your shoes I think I would’ve given up after maybe the second series of disasters! Your perseverance deserved a medal. But since you got a wife and family out of it I’m guessing that’s win enough for you. Thanks for contributing.

  3. I loved Becky’s story. I didn’t make NY resolution but my twin sister did – no new clothes for the year. She can buy op shop clothes but nothing new. I think that’s a great resolution – stops you putting on weight!

    • Thanks, Bronwen – I’m so glad you enjoyed A Heat Of The Moment Thing. Ah, that old ‘clothes have shrunk’ thing. That’s what alerted me to my own “fat little piggy” crisis. I hope your sister enjoys (?) the results of her resolution! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Great snippet.

    Hope you are out of harm’s way and residing where the earth isn’t moving, unless it’s from a wonderful kiss, directly under your feet.

    Your coffee does look yummy.

    • LOL we still live quite close to Christchurch so unfortunately the earth does still move occasionally for all the wrong reasons. Yes, the coffee is particularly yummy – and since it’s literally a push of a button that produces it, I’m in heaven. 🙂 Thanks for popping in!

  5. I have to admit I’ve never been one for them myself – too much opportunity for failure, and I figure I fail enough without adding to it! On the upside, I’ve found that by making a New Year’s resolution this year it’s kept the (weight loss) goal in focus for me, and I guess that’s a good thing. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. I can relate, except, when I’m stressed, food is tasteless and I tend to lose weight. Last years was a bad one, so this year I’m feeling great and working out and EATING! Look out I’m in trouble. Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed meeting Maggie. Judy

    • Hi Judy – thanks for popping in to say hi 🙂 Oh, how I wish I had your problem with food. As I mentioned in my post, I don’t. Absolutely not! Sounds like you’re doing everything right this year, though, so I doubt very much you’ll be in trouble. The working out will take care of that. 😉

    • LOL Will it?!! You’ve done the opposite of me, Melissa. Usually I don’t make them – but this year I have. Watch this space. I’m determined not to give up my coffee fixes – and determined to shed some kilos… Might have to go for black coffee instead. (Please don’t tell me there are calories in black coffee!) Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed the read. It was definitely fun to write 🙂

  7. Once upon a time I thought I had my life planned then I met my hubby and now I don’t bother wasting the energy. If I had to date again, I think it would be, um no, let’s not go there. I’ve seen my friends and it ain’t pretty. Just saying. Since hubby is still alive and kicking I think I can keep that one. At least until I’m 90 and he’s dead, then I might just might hook me a young 85 year old:D

    • LOL you thought you had your life planned and then you met your hubby??? That sounds fascinating! Tell me more! (PS does your hubby know you’re making plans for once he’s dead?!) Love your thinking re the dating drama 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to comment, you’ve certainly put a smile on my face!

    • LOL Linda. Yep, had my life planned and then met my husband. End of plans in less than five weeks. Never had to worry about a date after that. Hubby’s one mistake was leaving me prior to my 90th birthday. When I look around at the single guys my age…um….nah…I don’t think so, I think being a cougar has merit. I don’t mind if a few parts have been rebuilt or replaced but I want all working parts. Otherwise, it’s like buying a car that doesn’t have a heater.

      • Ohhh, so it’s a ‘heater’ you’re after, E. Ayers? (nudge, nudge) Oops. Sorry. Gosh, who said that? You girls are bad for me. 🙂 But I love your attitude – and it sounds like hubby did indeed make a big mistake when he walked. Let’s hear it for working parts!

  8. I’d had enough psychology courses by then to realize that Operation Match was using the old “opposites attract” philosophy which didn’t work with me! I was so “quirky” even back then that I probably did those other ladies a favor by not getting close to them…now I’m just an old “quirky” writer of paranormal romance novels. LOL

    • Careful how you use that “quirky” word around these parts, Guy. I think you’ll find there are quite a few of us “quirky” types around… Thank goodness you, at least, knew what you were looking for in a mate even if Operation Match didn’t!

  9. I’ve got to read your book! I don’t normally read first person unless it’s very well written (some just aren’t), and yours sounds delicious, Maggie! The dating/resolution thing… I avoid resolutions and do just fine. LOL But I’ve been married for going on 31 years, so I figure I did something right in the dating line. 🙂 Now I need a coffee machine!

    • Hi Calisa 🙂 Thanks for joining the fun. Oh yes, you definitely need a coffee machine! I can’t tell you how annoyed I was when my darling bought it for me – what a glorious waste of money. Suffice to say I am no longer even a smidgeon annoyed. 😉 I hope you enjoy A Heat Of The Moment Thing – I loved writing it. 31 years of marriage is some achievement! Maybe it’s avoiding resolutions that’s the key…

      • Could be, Maggie. 🙂

        I’d be very annoyed too if my hubby bought me one, especially since I’m the only one in the house who drinks coffee. 😛 Two daughters drink it occasionally, but neither live with us. It’s all mine! I’m very jealous, in case you can’t tell. I think I need to put in my birthday (Dec. 28) wish early. Maybe by Christmas hubby can work out the justification for spending so much. lol

        • I used to enjoy a coffee perhaps once weekly, twice on a binge week, because I don’t like instant coffee and not even plunger spins my wheels the way a decent cafe-style cappa does. My dreamy wee Nespresso changed that! Oh, and a little BTW that might help your case: it makes fantastic mochaccino and hot chocolates!

  10. Stress=eating. Sigh. My life is full of stress so eating is my comforting solution. I have a cappuccino every day…don’t try to stop me! Losing weight is a slow process but the drink will be part of my daily routine.
    Good luck with your book – Becky’s in for a fun time!

    • Marianne, I hear you hon, I hear you. Stress, eating, cappuccino… You sound like my kind of girl. Thanks for stopping to chat and make me feel like I’m not the only one on the planet who suffers like this! (whispers:) I had a cafe-cappa today, and it wasn’t a patch on my push-button version!

  11. Thanks so much to everyone who came and said hello. I loved meeting and chatting with you all. And now I have a prize draw to announce! Cynthia kindly drew the winner’s name out of the ‘hat’ for me.

    And a free digital copy of A Heat Of The Moment Thing goes to . . .
    (drum roll) . . . the New Year’s resolution-averse MELISSA KEIR!

    Melissa, I’ll email you shortly. Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone. And thanks again to Cynthia for having me. It’s been a blast. 🙂

  12. My writing resolutions always seem to come easier than any others. I haven’t been able to break my salty snack addiction though and that’s something I’m going to have to think seriously about. Good luck with the book! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  13. Thanks, Juli! Yes, I’m with you on the writing resolutions front. My in-front-of-screen addiction is – get this – raisins. I feel virtuous going for raisins instead of, say, cake – the problem of course is quantity. 🙁 Good luck with conquering your salt addiction!

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