One Ghost-Investigating Agency, Eight Different Stories by Erin Hayes

TGTBTGFInalCoverSmallThe Good, The Bad, and The Ghostly is a collection of eight ghostly romances from the Wild West that are all tied together by one fictional ghost-investigating agency in St. Louis—The Tremayne Specters Investigations Agency.

Writing eight different stories that all featured the same place that existed in our imaginations presented some interesting challenges. Questions such as, “Where is this agency located?” or “What does it look like?” or even, “What do the people who work there look like?” popped up at various points, and we all had to make sure that they aligned with one another, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a believable world. And, on top of that, we set the anthology in the late 1800s, adding another layer of research and planning to our writing. It was challenging to say the least.

Yet, I think we somehow managed to pull it off. And I love the final result.

Discussions took place over Yahoo! Groups, and collaboration was key. We all first decided on a name for the agency—words such as paranormal didn’t exist during this time period, so we had to improvise with the words that were available. Thus, the Tremayne PSI Agency was born.

As mentioned earlier, there were questions about where this agency was based, and many other specifics, even down to the marble in the lobby of the agency’s office. Luckily, we had the foresight to define all of these and they were compiled into a document that we could refer to at any point during our story. It was actually so complete, that any time I had to refer to the document for my own contribution to the collection, I never went away with more questions. Everything was complete, meaning that we had done a great job world building.

World building is my favorite part of writing, so having such a rich history to draw from was inspiring, as I’m sure it was for the other authors. As we all went our own ways to write our stories, certain other aspects of publishing went into play such as cover art, promotion, organization, editing, formatting and so many others. We even had an internal beta read program where we swapped our finished stories with another author. As I generally write paranormal romance in a modern-day setting, I really relied on this part to make sure that my own story was believable in both the collection and in the 1880s.

Once the stories were completed, edited, and picked over with a fine-toothed comb, it was compiled and formatted into the collection that you can pick up from Amazon. Eight unique, wonderful stories that have their own distinct voices while maintaining that consistency across all of them. Each story is fun, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we did building the world around it. Just be sure to read it with the lights on—some can get pretty spooky!

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There are ghost stories. And there are ghost legends.

From orphan to saloon girl to ghost whisperer, Hattie Hart has been and seen a lot of things in her time. Her new job as a detective with the Tremayne Psychic Specters Investigations Agency takes her out to the remote town of Carolina City, Nevada, on a vague assignment to investigate the disappearance of a US Marshal.

Except, when she arrives, she meets the devilishly handsome Grant Madsen, a US Marshal who is alive and well. Certainly not missing, but certainly the man of her dreams. So why did her boss send her out to this small boomtown when there’s nothing for her to investigate?

She soon discovers that in Carolina City, there are strange happenings from the afterlife that threaten to kill her or worse. She’ll have to race against time to save her life, the town, and the US Marshal she was sent to find—and maybe, if she’s lucky, her heart.


In my dream, there’s a man.
I can’t see his face or any other distinguishing features on him other than the fact that he is tall and dark, and I can sense that he is handsome. My dreams don’t allow for me to get close enough to see who he is.
But I know him. He has captivated my heart and welded my soul to his. Something inside me intrinsically calls out to him, aching that he’s not close to me, skin to skin, pulse against pulse.
We’re meant to be together, in this life and in others.
I know this, and he knows this.
In my dream, we’re standing about ten yards apart on a desert landscape, me in my corset and him in his dust jacket and hat that shades his face. I don’t recognize the place, but it feels alien, like nothing could ever survive in these harsh elements.
We’re both dead.
I see the glint of his smile as he looks at me. My heart breaks and I want to help him, but something keeps me rooted to my spot.
“Find me, Hattie,” he says, his voice in my head. “Save me.”
“How?” I ask. “From what?”
But he keeps repeating those two words, echoing on and on in my mind.
“Save me. Save me.”


What do you get when you mix cowboys with ghosts? A collection of eight (stand-alone) amazing stories from the Old West with haunts of every variety.

Get your love of alpha cowboys on and feed your addiction for the bizarre (and sometimes spooky) world when you download The Good, The Bad and The Ghostly.

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There are ghost stories. And there are ghost legends.

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  1. Hi Erin (And Cynthia),

    Erin, I’m sooo happy you thought we did a good job organizing and coordinating The Good, The Bad and The Ghostly. We’ve had some great reviews about tying all the stories into one ghost-hunting agency. You were a joy to work with, Erin!

    Thank you Cynthia for hosting our boxed set on your blog. We are very appreciative,

    Please leave us a review if you read The Good, The Bad and The Ghostly (the best way to thank Indie authors).
    ~ Keta ~

  2. Thank you for hosting us, Cindy! Erin, what an interesting post on behind the scenes at the anthology–even though I was behind the scenes at the time of planning, I enjoyed reading about it again this morning. It’s always interesting to see how individual authors start with the same premise and go off in different ways. As a reader I had fun coming across references to Nat Tremayne and the agency (the big question of Nat’s gender cropped up in many of the stories!), and I got a kick out of seeing different agents show up in different stories–we really did a good job collaborating! Thanks, Erin!

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