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My father died when I was five so I never got to know him.  I have very few memories that I can call mine.  They are usually the memory of him through someone elses eyes.  One of the memories I do have is night he died on his birthday, January 20, 1961.  He was 51 years old.

When I was twenty, my cousin who was a year older wanted to go out for New Year’s Eve.  Not with me.  She wanted me to babysit, but only her two week old baby.  You see, she was living at home with her parents at that time and my uncle would be watching her three year old son.  He didn’t feel comfortable with the baby granddaughter though, so I’d be there to watch her.

And we spent New Year’s Eve together.

This was the first and only time that happened.  But after the children were put down to sleep for the night, my uncle and I talked.  We watched Guy Lombardo on television, (I know I’m aging myself terribly here) and he regaled me with stories about my father.

Dad was the second oldest of thirteen children.  His family was very poor.  My dad started delivering milk when he was ten years old.  He finally quit school in the eighth grade and went to school fool time.

The family were migrant farm workers and followed the crops, working everywhere from Colorado to Washington and everywhere in between.

As an adult Dad held a number of different jobs.  When he met my mom he was a cowboy working on a real working dude ranch in Creede, Colorado.  They ran cattle and rented cabins out to people, usually from Texas, in the summer.

After he and Mom married he was a cowboy, a trapper, an airport warden, a sheriffs deputy, a hod carrier and a county road maintenance worker.  He did whatever needed doing in order to make a living and support his family.

My dad loved to fish and hunt and he was good at it.  One of my first memory that I can call my own if of fishing with my Dad.  I was four and he gave me one of his fish to carry back to camp.  I ran ahead of him, so proud of htis fish.  I ran into a woman going up river, also fishing.  I proudly told her that this was my fish and I caught it all by myself.  This was my first experience with story telling.  🙂

I learned that my dad could play the organ, liked to eat raw hamburger with onions in it.  He liked to have a beer and play poker with the boys now and again.

I have a picture of me on top of a horse named Judy, in my diapers.  Dad was next to the horse hanging on to me, making sure I wouldn’t fall.  He was always with me, making sure I didn’t fall and if I did help to pick me up.  Even though it was in spirit only.

And I wonder how different my life would have been had he lived.  Not better because my Mom did a great job raising us by herself, but it would have been different had he lived.  I wonder how different and how much different I would be.  Would I have made the same choices, the same mistakes.  Would the abuse and other bad things that happened to me have been prevented because he was there?  How different would I have become?  Would I be a better person?  Or a worse one?  Would I really be a different person at all?

I had a wonderful night with my uncle.  I learned so much about my Dad.  The best thing I learned was that I was my Daddy’s baby girl and he loved me very much.  And now, fifty-one years later I still miss him.

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77 thoughts on “My Best New Year’s Memory – Blog Hop

  1. You just reminded me of all the times my dad was there for me growing up so now I have to share a new year’s memory about my dad.

    My mom never really liked us doing the fireworks in the back yard thing and my dad always went with her on it. One year though Dad decided to say to hell with it and got a few for us to watching because the entire neighborhood did it anyway. We sat on the porch for a little while staying out of his way and then he broke out the sparklers and let us light a few roman candles from them.

    When we were done my mom handed me and my dad a bucket and told us to clean up the mess…instead we picked up the pieces of trash and kept throwing them at each other like idiots. Eventually it degenerated into a tickle fight and my mom laughing so hard she cried. 🙂


  2. Oh please tell me this giveaway is international i would be delighted to win your books in paperback.

    Thanks you for sharing your memories with us.One of my favorite new year memory was some years ago when for the first time my dog discovered he got present. We were thinking he would destroy the wrapping to get what was inside quickly but it was the opposite. He took his gift on his cushion and strated with his pawn very carefully trying to open it. It was really cute (even if the end i decided to help him since he took him a long time without good results) seeing him jumping around like a baby after we feared loosing him made that morning magical
    5 it was also special because i just lost my father some months before and i couldn’t stand the idea to loose my dog too so i was really afraid as soon as he cough or anything, seeing him like a baby again gave me hope for better time)

    thanks you for this giveaway


    • Isabelle,
      Thank you for sharing your memory with us. I will mail the books anywhere as long as the postage is less than $10, which based on my other international mailings should be sufficent.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  3. Thanks for sharing your memory. My kids and I would stay up late till the ball dropped on News Years Eve. They always thought that was fun.
    Sue B

  4. Every New Year’s seems to come sooner than the one before. Thanks for sharing your childhood memories.
    linze_e at

  5. Sounds like your dad was a great guy! I’m glad you and your uncle were able to have that time together so you could learn more about him.

    Thanks for the giveaway

    ringpop2010 at gmail dot com

  6. New year’s means a new start, a clean slate, and a new promise to me. “To thine ownself be true”. It’s not really a memory, but my own personal goal each and every year 🙂

  7. You story made me tear up. It’s wonderful to know how much he loved you. Those questions are ones I’ve had as well. My dad died literally days after I was born. I don’t have any memories of him at all. I have wondered, many times, how I and my life would have been different had he lived.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memory with us!

    Happy new year!

    mihoxli at gmail dot com

  8. Thanks for sharing the great story. I love hearing stories from my other family members about themselves or my parents. I love memories and love to be able to share with my children when they get older.
    Most new years eve I have worked. I love being the sober one at the party and seeing everyone else make fools of themselves.
    Thanks for the fun hop. Will keep following along.

  9. thanks for sharing the awesome memory of your dad. When I was a kid my family would get together and have parties playing games and watching movies. A lot of my family have passed away but I treasure those times with them
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com

  10. thank you for your story 🙂 reading it just reminded me again how thankful i should be for my parents and the life they provided for me.

    witchvela at web dot de

  11. All my favorite new years memories are the same; it doesn’t matter were I was as long as i’m with friends and family 🙂



  12. I am so touched by your New Years memory! How fulfilling that must have been for you to hear about your dad and how much you meant to him…it brought tears to my eyes.

    I have never been one to stay awake to bring in the New Year – but when I was 21 years old, my best friend drug me out with her husband and friends to a pub to a New Year’s Eve party that was really quite fun, so I’d have to choose that one, since it was my only experience *chuckle*

    Thank you so much for participating in this hop and for the really generous giveaway! You are a new to me author, and I’ve very happy to have found you!

    Happy New Year!

  13. Thank you for sharing your memories. It is great that your uncle was able to share his memories of your father with you.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  14. Thank you for sharing about your dad! I lost mine in 2001 and I always tell people to treasure the time they have with their parents. That time is priceless and you can never get the opportunity back once they’re gone.

    Have a great 2012, Cynthia!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    May God bless,
    Trisha Wilson

  15. Thanks for shareing your story with us. I wish I had more knowledge about my Mom and Dad and grandparents. We just don’t think about this when we are young. I am thankful I know as much as I do but wish I had more on the great aunts and uncles etc.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing that! Very touching! Well my birthdays New Years eve so I could tell tons of stories from that! LOL But one of my most memorable would probably have to be last year just for how funny it was. My friend was 9months pregnant. Due any time and she decided that she wanted to play ‘Just Dance’ on my wii. So she seriously got into it. It was insane watching her dance with her big belly. I have it on video. Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Thanks!

  17. I’m sorry for your loss but at least you got good stories about your dad from your uncle when the two of you babysat together. Thanks for the giveaway.


  18. sucha beautiful memory those r the special times really ty for sharing it with us

    ur a new to me author so would be awesome to win so ty for the chance


  19. I really loved the story about your dad. It is sad that you had lost him at such a young age. But I am sure that even now he looks down at his favorite little girl and smiles.

  20. Thank you for sharing with us! Great memory! Thats definitely one to hold close. Thank you. Happy new year! Wish you all the best!

  21. Thank you for sharing. It’s always a wonderful thing when you get the chance to hear stories about loved ones that have passed. My mother had jst passed away from cancer a week before Thanksgiving this year. Since then, I have heard stories from her brothers that I didn’t know about while she was alive. I will always keep them locked away with all my other memories of my Mom.

  22. My birthday is NYE and one of my sisters is NYD so we have a combined birthday party at midnight.
    snulfers at hotmail dot com

  23. Thanks for sharing your touching story about your dad. It was nice of your uncle to share memories of your dad with you. Surely, your life would have been different had your father lived longer and could be a positive, supportive influence.


  24. Thank you for sharing your story! Happy new year and thanks for the great giveaway fun blog hop!
    Latisha D

  25. That’s a GREAT memory! We usually spend the evening inside with family and friends, lots of good eats…playing cards (poker) and listening to music until the ball’s about to drop. Then the wine is poured, toasts made, kisses shared…and then the party usually continues for a little while longer. Those that drank a little too much, or came without a designated driver snuggle in for the night…that’s just how we play. Better safe than sorry. 🙂 Happy 2012!

  26. Thanks for sharing your memories. Just makes me appreciate the memories I have of time spent with my dad before he passed. Happy New Year! And I would love to win your books!!

  27. My mom died after I was married, and had my daughter. So, she only saw my daughter as a newborn. I know she would have loved and enjoyed my daughter, talking books with her and so on. I have always wondered how she would have influenced her life. But I know she would have enjoyed my child just as I adored and enjoyed her mother– my grandmother

  28. My best NYE – We had a party for our friends and family. We could see the high school fireworks from our backyard. We all had a great time being together. Almost all the food was gone and the drinks…well there weren’t any Those who needed to spend the night found a piece of floor and blankets and we had breakfast the next morning…some not so much LOL

    Great Blog Hop. Hope you will blog at KP sometime.

    Mary Keith

  29. Oh what an awesome memory, I love it! I haven’t done anything that memorable for any NYE, usually just spend it with family, we stay up and watch the countdown on tv, eat snacks and play games 🙂

  30. Sherry S. is the winner of the blog contest. Thank you all for commenting and for liking my blog. I appreciate it and you, very much.


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