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LanaWilliams_LovingTheHawke_200pxThank you so much for having me on your blog, Cynthia! I am so excited to share some of the background of my latest release, LOVING THE HAWKE. This is the first full-length story in a brand new series called The Seven Curses of London. The series started with a novella (Book .5) called TRUSTING THE WOLFE.

This historical romantic suspense series is set in Victorian London, 1870. Letitia Fairchild is a reluctant wallflower, the eldest of four sisters, and Nathaniel Hawke is a reluctant hero, having served in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy and forced to retire due to an injury.  Lettie has decided that as she moves into spinsterhood, she wants a purpose other than helping her four younger sisters. When she happens to read a book (The Seven Curses), she realizes she’s found her opportunity to find a way to make a difference. Nathaniel has learned of a terrible scheme involving young girls in the city and feels compelled to do what he can to stop it. When he comes across Letitia in one of the worst parts of the city, he’s determined to remove her for her own safety, regardless of what she wants. As the two wounded souls stumble upon each other time and again in slums and ballrooms, they realize they fight a common cause–and share an unbridled passion.

The Seven Curses of London was a book written by James Greenwood in 1869, which outlined seven of the worst problems that London faced at the time, according to the author. I came across this book when I was researching something else–isn’t that always how an idea springs forth? The title alone was intriguing.

LOVING THE HAWKE touches on the problem of Neglected Children, which is what chapter one of Greenwood’s book focuses on. He considers the definition of children to include those sixteen or younger. According to Greenwood, there were over 350,000 children without proper parents or guardians, left to fend for themselves by whatever means necessary.


“You’ve ruined enough of my day already. I shall return of my own accord,” Lettie insisted.

“I can’t allow that,” Nathaniel said, taking her elbow to make certain she didn’t attempt an escape. “I’ll escort you. For your safety.”

At last she looked up at him fully, her bonnet now serving to frame her heart-shaped face. That tiny dent in her chin appealed to him in the oddest way, as did her large eyes and long lashes. Eyes that were hazel. Or rather green. No, definitely hazel. Except for the inner ring of green. Perhaps hazel with gold flecks and a green ring would better describe—

He stopped short. What on earth was he doing? Since when did a captain in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy wax on about a woman’s eyes?

When they studied him with curiosity like she expected him to…well, he didn’t know what she expected. Nor did he care to find out.

Those full lips the color of a deep pink rose that begged to be kissed couldn’t be explored either.

“What is your name?” he asked gruffly. He shouldn’t have asked yet found himself holding his breath, awaiting her answer.

“I—” She dropped her gaze for a moment, the sweep of her lashes doing odd things to his chest. Those lashes lifted, and he was struck anew by her amazing eyes. “I shan’t tell you.”

Once again, she’d refused him. After commanding so many men over the years, he was used to being obeyed instantly. Yet he had no hold over this woman, nor could he force her to do anything.

He shook his head. It was best she didn’t tell him. He’d rather not have a name to put to her arresting face. After all, he would never see her again.

“Please accept my offer to drive you to your carriage.” That was as close to a request as he could manage. “These streets are perilous. Even in the middle of the day.”

He couldn’t help but wonder if he’d correctly guessed that she’d thought herself safe here at this time, for she opened those lush lips as though to argue, only to firmly close them again. He studied her brows, trying to guess what color her hair might be. No hint of it was visible beneath the ugly bonnet.

“How do I know you’re safe?”

Her quiet question took him aback. In truth, he wasn’t. Far from it. It was good that she’d inadvertently reminded him of that.

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More about Lana:

Amazon Bestselling Author Lana Williams writes historical romance filled with mystery, adventure, and a pinch of paranormal to stir things up. Her historical romantic suspense books include two series set in medieval England and two set in Victorian London.

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A big thank you for to Cynthia for hosting me!  For a chance to win a Kindle version of LOVING THE HAWKE, share with us what your favorite part about reading romance is!

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  1. Love how you stumbled upon the idea for this new series. I’ve read most of your other books and loved them. Just ordered this one and look forward to reading the whole series. As a teacher, reading about these characters helping children appeals greatly. Keep writing so I can keep reading. Thank you!

  2. Hi Lana – Great blog and the book sounds wonderful. My favorite are those little moments between the hero and heroine where we get to watch them begin to fall in love – always gives me butterflies!

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