Life in the Paranormal Fast Lane – with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Hi everyone. I’m Linda Thomas-Sundtrom, and I’m happy to be here today on the Woolf blog, waving and connecting with new and old friends. I just love that.

I’d also like to mention that my middle name is “paranormal,” and see if we all can relate. And I’d like to tell you about my new book, “Guardian of the Night” that comes out May 22, and share that I have just turned in my 12th project for Harlequin’s Nocturne imprint. Yay!! This is sheer author bliss. Vampires, immortals, and werewolves… oh my, yes!

As for the title of this blog, I have to tell you that my life has been loaded with paranormal happenings and inspirations of an unusual sort. So where does this proclivity toward all things come from? Answer: Genes.

It’s the only explanation.

I wrote and illustrated my first paranormal novel at the age of eight, and I still have that book. Back then, it was Leprechauns, Silkies, and Fairies.

My family had “Scary Tales Night” by the fireplace on weekends, where my folks told us strange things, and we had to make up our own tales to contribute. We watched old black and white horror movies with pillows in our hands to cover our faces during really scary parts. We traveled by car great distances to visit relatives in the summertime, across the deserts of the west. To make the drive not seem like a drive, my dad would tell us ghost stories about old Route 66, phantom lights, and diners that burned down, but refused to die.

So, everything I write turns out to have a paranormal twist. Long before it was acceptable fare for a romance genre, I wrote about time travel and phantoms and Otherworldy creatures, and stuck those stories in a drawer.

My first book came out of those old tales my dad told, and titled “Café Heaven – An Autobiography of the Afterlife” – about guess what? A diner that refuses to die. It’s dedicated to my dad, who had passed away. But I will swear to you right now, (and maybe you have to have had some sort of experience like this yourself), that my dad whispered this story to me from the Great Beyond.

Of course I gravitated toward the paranormal romance genre once it was up and running. Got Gothics? Oh, yeah! Fangs? Heck, yeah! I was right there, and still am.

Did I mention that I see dead people?

You can see, then, that it was a short leap to a writing career of vampires, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night. It’s just a continuation of my love for that certain something, the special atmosphere that eludes capture, and is viewed only out of the corner of your eye. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy make me feel right at home.

I’m still a teacher in the day gig. I write under tight deadlines for Nocturne, so my imagination can take flight at the end of the day, and I feel… well… at the same time both free and connected. The paranormal world is my world. I live it, and always have. So, I do hope you’ve tried, or will try out my books for size, and come along on my ride. Share the love of the extra-normal.

My latest book, due out May 22 from Nocturne is “Guardian of the Night,” the fourth book in my Vampire Moons series that goes like this: Golden Vampire, Vampire Lover, Night Born, Guardian of the Night.

“Guardian of the Night” is the story of one of my seven Blood Knights from time long passed, as we catch up with him in the current century.

The book treads on the edges of world first glimpsed in Golden Vampire… giving us a race of beings that are so much more than vampires, and light-years away from the humans they now and then come into contact with… Until they meet their match in the feisty women of the twenty-first century who are just as dedicated to their work as these immortals are. Tied to a vow, noble to the end, gorgeous, sexy, immortals like my Mason LanVal in Guardian of the Night  might just might melt your heart. He sure melted mine. Man, did I have a great time writing this story.

Here’s the back cover copy:

The Guardian. An immortal with incredible strength, created centuries ago to protect the purity of the vampire bloodline and fight those who would abuse its power.

As one of the seven Blood Knights, Mason LanVal spent lifetimes honoring his vows without wavering. That all changed the night he found Faith.

Faith James will do anything to save her missing sister. Even if it means risking her own life. She sought Mason for help. Instead she found more questions, and the key to unlocking her own latent powers. Her pull on Mason is twice damned, yet he can’t tear himself away.

With just one kiss, the blood gift Mason gives Faith sets in motion an all-consuming desire that is forbidden to indulge, but impossible to ignore….

Well. So….. I hope something like that will be right up your alley, too, and that you might try this new book on for size.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you, checking for comments between my holiday weekend festivities, and yearning for a connection with you.

Because I wonder what brings you to the paranormal ??? Keeps you reading / writing / watching those supernatural TV shows? Do share.

Cheers for now –



Linda Thomas-Sundtrom is an award-winning author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy for Kensington, Dorchester, and Harlequin’s Nocturne imprint. She’s a teacher by day, a writer by night, and swears she has “paranormal” in her genes.

6 thoughts on “Life in the Paranormal Fast Lane – with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

  1. Hi Linda!

    I’m always drawn back to paranormal because I like to envision the world with more magic. Why not, right?

    There’s nothing wrong with a romance with the guy next door, but I think it ups the fun level when the guy next door turns out to be a wizard and his best friend is a werewolf… 🙂

    Love your new series! Keep up the great work!


  2. Hey Linda!

    Hope you’re having a fun Memorial weekend! What a fantastic childhood you’ve had,full of stories. So glad the paranormal world entered into the romance genre…I love reading (and writing) paranormal romance and urban fantasy!

    Good luck with your new series!

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