Keepsake by Heather Boyd

If you’re a lover of regency romance be sure to check out Keepsake, Book 5 of the Distinguished Rogues which releases this month. The Marquess of Taverham married young and fast with his eye firmly on his bride’s dowry as the means to repair the family fortunes for the next generation. Too late he discovered his new wife wasn’t going to make achieving all of his dreams that easy. It’s wicked regency fun when the runaway bride comes back. Let the war begin…

Keepsake_DC200_2An Excerpt from Keepsake:

Crisis averted. Husband prevented from an act of utter foolishness. Miranda Reed, reluctant Marchioness of Taverham, hurried to the back entrance of the Theater Royal and collected her cloak from the waiting theater maid. Her heart beat a wild rhythm, which she knew would take a quiet room and considerable time to calm, perhaps even requiring a dose of the potion her physician had insisted was necessary to calm her heart and maintain her proper health. She grimaced and snapped open her fan to beat a cooling breeze across her hot cheeks and neck.

The distasteful business of proving she was very much alive was behind her, and now all she had to do was collect her son from the tutor she’d chosen for his instruction during her long illness. Then they would take up a suitable residence in Town and be together once more. She had no intention of living with her husband even a single day, though it was high time he became acquainted with Christopher.

To her regret, the theater’s production of The Beggar’s Opera resumed with no thought to her heart, a cacophony of sound that stirred Miranda’s happiest memories to the front of her mind and turned those remembrances to ashes.

And yet Miranda was pleased with her return to society tonight. She’d succeeded in seeing her husband on her terms without losing control of the situation. How nice to have had the upper hand. It was a rare day when one could control a situation that involved the Marquess of Taverham and his simpering lover, Lady Brighthurst.

She wasn’t unduly surprised they were as close now as the day Miranda had married Taverham. Society might speculate on the true state of that friendship, but Miranda had seen the truth with her own eyes. Being betrayed on her wedding day was not something Miranda was ever likely to forget.

Her only servant, a burly man with a face scarred enough to frighten the masses, stepped from the shadows to reveal himself. “The carriage will be but a moment, my lady,” Peter Landry informed her in his deep, rumbling voice that had once sent a chill through her soul.

As a child visiting her grandfather’s warehouse on the docks of the London shipping yards, Landry’s large body and voice had terrified her. As an adult no longer prone to hysterics, she’d learned to place her faith in him when she wanted something done. He’d dogged her shadow ever since their paths had crossed by chance during the first year she’d left Taverham’s home, and a more faithful and protective servant a lady in hiding could never find.

She smiled. “Excellent.”

There was not much that distressed Miranda now. She’d seen the best of life and the worst. She’d even recovered from an illness that might have claimed her life, although that convalescence had taken over two years. Time wasted and time stolen from her son. She would make it up to Christopher somehow.

HeatherBoyd_200_2Author Bio:
Bestselling historical author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after, no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she writes sizzling regency romance stories that skirt the boundaries of propriety to keep readers enthralled until the wee hours of the morning. Heather has published over twenty novels and shorter works. Catch her latest news She lives north of Sydney, Australia, and does her best to wrangle her testosterone-fuelled family (including cat Morpheus) into submission.

Three fun facts about Heather:

1. I have 8 rules I live by – ‘Choose a dentist that isn’t stingy with painkillers’ is right at the top.

2. I have a cuddly large cat but I need Teflon grade lap rugs to avoid being clawed to death. He’s adorable but very restless.

3. I consider dessert an essential part of every great meal. Pavlova, Tim Tam Cheesecake, Trifle (nicely embellished by port on the cake). I blame/thank my parents for my sweet tooth. 

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