Julia, Bride of New York by Callie Hutton


Sheriff Fletcher Adams has no intention of taking a wife, but when mail order bride Julia Benson is stranded at the train station after her intended husband rejects her, it starts to seem like a good idea.

Too bad she doesn’t agree.


“Oh, really? And what is it you plan to do since you have nowhere to go and no money?” The sheriff glared at her.

“I will find a job,” Julia said.

“And at the end of the week they will hand your pay to a dead woman because you will have starved to death.”

With the blood pumping through her veins, she narrowed her eyes, wondering why in heaven’s name she was mad at him. The old “shoot the messenger” deal, no doubt. “Perhaps I will find a job that includes meals.”

“And a bed?”

She nodded.

“Don’t even think about taking that sort of a job,” he growled.

“Why? Because I’m a cripple? And no man would want me?” Good Lord, what had gotten into her? She had always been sweet, friendly, and kind. Right now she felt like a shrew, which is probably how Sheriff Adams viewed her. Most likely he was thinking how smart Mr. Johnson had been to walk away from her. She wished she could walk away from herself.

“No. You are not a cripple, you have a limp. And you are beautiful, and any man would want you.”

“Not Mr. Johnson.”

“He’s an idiot.”


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