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missing_cover200x300Tell us about your current series/WIP.

The Hawkins’ family is my current series. It’s a series about the Hawkins’ brothers, set on a ranch in Duster, Montana. Each book is a romantic suspense that stands alone. Hunted is Cody’s story is about Cody and Maggie. She’s in the Witness Protection program but her identity has been compromised. Missing is Luke’s story. He’s a Hawkins’ but also the town’s family doctor with an adopted daughter. A stranger is stalking Luke and his daughter and there is a threat of kidnapping. Targeted is Ky’s story. A rancher is killed; the woman Ky married eleven years ago inherits the ranch. She left eleven years ago and hasn’t been back since. Now someone wants to kill her. Targeted is my WIP and I hope to finish it this month.

Where do you get the ideas for your stories?`

Ideas come from all areas. My writing chapter does tours at the RWA National and we’ve done police, homeland security, chatroom predators, coast guard, etc. I get ideas from newspapers or news articles and sometimes I get an idea and then think about it for awhile and develop a plot and then work on the characters.

What was the deciding factor in self-publishing your book(s)? Did you decide on ebook or print only or both?

Great question. I was originally published by three different small presses in both e-book and print. I learned a lot about the publishing process from the editors. However, the sales were negligible and they had control of the book. About three years ago several authors were talking and very excited about self-publishing. I kept asking questions and decided to get my rights back to my book and self-publish. You have more control but it’s also a lot more work. I originally decided on ebook only. The decision was mostly based on cost and more people read on e-readers these days so it’s a bigger market. However, I am now rethinking that decision and looking at having some print books for sale and giveaways.

What went into the process?

Writing, editing, cover design, formatting, etc. Share your ups and downs and how you went about it. If you used a service, can you share? Once I got my rights back I started to edit the first book. I was actually shocked at the number of errors – and it had passed through three editors. Once I edited it I sent it to a proof reader and found a cover artist. I met an agent for BookBaby at the Writers Conference in Tucson. I decided to use them so I didn’t have to learn formatting and uploading to each different book seller. It also gave me time to write a new book. I After a couple of books I decided to find a formatter and I uploaded the next book myself. More work but I do have complete control.

What is most difficult for you to write? Characters, conflict or emotions? Why?

Characters have always been difficult. I’ve taken classes and work hard at getting my readers to relate to them. I’m not sure why, but I think I find it hard to get into the character’s head and emotions and share them with the reader. I’m improving and people have told me they like my characters, but I still need to keep working to make them even better.

Give us an elevator pitch for your book.

Dr. Allie Parsons agrees to help at a Montana medical clinic. Luke Hawkins, her handsome new boss sends her emotions sky rocketing. He’s single with a young daughter. Threatening notes at the clinic have Allie afraid they are a warning that the doctor’s daughter could be kidnapped. Is she right? The body count is mounting. Who are they after ? And why?

Tell us about your heroine. Give us one of her strengths and one of her weaknesses.

Her strength is she is a survivor. She travels to Duster, to escape her father, be the doctor she wants to be, and build her own life. Her weakness is her relationship with her father. From childhood she wanted his approval and never got it. She has spent most of her life trying to please him.

Do you or have you belonged to a writing organization? Which one? Have they helped you with your writing? How?

Yes, I belong to the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and I belong to two of their sub chapters. I belong to Scriptscene and Kiss of Death. I love them both but Kiss of Death (KOD) has provided a lot of help for me. They provided great tours at the RWA National conference; FBI, CIA,ATF and even police where we got to practice shooting on the outdoor ranges. They have monthly writing workshops on both craft and experts in various technologies like forensics and poisons. They also offer group and one on one critiques, a BIAW several times a year and the Daphne writing contest where you’re provided with actual feedback.

Where can readers find you?



Twitter @kelownawriter





Where can readers find your books? Print/Ebook?

They are all listed with links on my website at 

MISSING can be found at





“For god’s sake, help me. I’m dying in here.” His knees bent up to his chest, hands clenched over his abdomen, Bobby rolled back and forth on the narrow cot.

“What’s yer problem?” A burly guard peered through the steel bars.

“My gut’s on fire. Get me the doc, now.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll call him. Stifle ‘til I get back.” The guard shuffled down the hall.

The guard returned. “The doctor’s in conference. Can you walk?”

“No way man, I can’t even stand up. The pain’s killing me.”

“Yeah, yeah, okay, they’re bringing a stretcher. We’ll take you to the medical room, but you better not be faking.”

“Does this look like faking to you? I’m dying.”

The door squealed as they pushed it open

“Get me something for the pain.” Bobby yelled as they handcuffed him to the stretcher and rolled him down the hall into the small medical center.

The male nurse met them inside the reception area.

“He says his stomach is burning up, can’t even stand.” One of the guards replied.

“The doctor’s in meetings. Let’s take a look. Wheel him into the first cubicle and put him on the bed.”

The guards unlocked the handcuffs and dropped him onto the bed.

“I think I felt something burst.”

“Hang on, I’ll check it in a minute, buddy.” The middle-aged nurse patted his shoulder.

The guards handcuffed one hand to the bed post. “You need us to stay?”

“No, I can handle him. He’s one of our volunteers.” The nurse replied. “Let’s take a look at that abdomen.”

The nurse ran his hands over his stomach. “It’s definitely hard; maybe a burst appendix? You still got your appendix?”

Bobby nodded.

“I think we should get you to the hospital. I’ll be right back.”

The nurse stepped out of the room and Bobby rolled over. He wiggled his free hand under the mattress until he found the slit he’d made a few days earlier. He pulled out a shiv, a pick and an envelope and tucked them both in the back of his pants.

The nurse sauntered back into the room. “The ambulance is on its way.”

“Can’t you give me something for the pain?”

“No. They’ll give you something at the hospital once they figure out what you’ve got.”

“Then get me there quick. I can’t stand the damn pain any longer.”

“hey said they could be here in fifteen minutes.”

As the minutes ticked by he wondered how the rest of his plan would work.

The sound of wheels rolling down the hall announced the arrival of the paramedics.

“They’re here. You’ll be at the hospital in about ten minutes. Hang in there.” The nurse tucked a chart under the stretched pillow and unlocked the handcuffs.

Minutes later he was in the ambulance racing down the highway. And they’d forgotten to handcuff him. He couldn’t believe his luck. He’d practiced for weeks picking the lock on the handcuffs. He smiled as he pulled out the shiv.

Bev3eca2.Beverley Bateman is a Canadian author of several romantic suspense books. She loves traveling, good wine and a mystery. She lives with her husband and two Shiba Inu dogs among vineyards and orchards set in lake country and surrounded by mountains, beaches, swimming and skiing. She writes sitting on her deck overlooking the lake sipping a glass of Cabernet. Yes – someone has to do it.

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  1. Good question, Jacquie. Both actually. The first book in the series is Hunted. I choose that after I wrote the book. And when I realized it was going to be a series and I had a vague idea of the plot I named Missing before I wrote it. Then I have Targeted coming up (which I’m almost finished writing) -and Vengeance will be the fourth book.

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