I love outer space by Michele Callahan

100_DPI_Front-cover---alphas-anthology_2I love outer space, and I know that’s weird. Think about it, insta-freeze temperatures, constant darkness, no warmth, no people, and you could run into the Borg or other nasties at any moment.

Doesn’t matter. I still love to think about the possibilities. Seeing distant worlds with amazing animals and different colored stars. Looking up to see two or three moons hovering in the sky. Maybe the people out there have super-powers. Maybe they look like us. And maybe, they’re hunky heroes of the first order!

In our upcoming anthology, S.E. Smith and I take the romance to those hot heroes from outer space. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s a total fantasy of mine since the days of Han Solo. (What girl from the 80’s wasn’t just a wee bit in love with him?)

I am over the moon with our cover for ALPHAS UNLEASHED. We thought of the title because all the heroes in the stories, Carolyn Jewel’s My Immortals world, Mina Khan’s Djinn, S.E. Smith’s Marastin Dow, and my Chimera hero all start out the story as a captive, they’re prisoners of the bad guys. They escape, kick some ass, and find true love once they are “unleashed”. ALPHAS UNLEASHED comes out June 15, so get ready to put on your space suit. We’re going for a ride!

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Hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. See you at RomCon on June 20!

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