His Human Hellion excerpt by Elle Thorne

His_Human_Hellion_LARGE_2A sexy sci-fi new adult series continues with His Human Hellion, that brings us Finn and Marissa. A sexy alien and the human hellion he couldn’t resist, even when she was his intended target. Now she’s someone else’s target and he’s a planet away. Can he get there in time to save her and the baby she’s carrying?

Emotions wreak havoc on an Asazi soldier when he discovers the human he loves is pregnant with the child that could kill her.
Finn has a new mission. Save Marissa. Any way he can. That’s no easy task when Marissa is the most stubborn, headstrong woman—correction—human he’s ever met.
A spitfire Texan finds herself in love with a man who isn’t supposed to have emotions, and isn’t even a man, except, he’s more man than any man she’s ever met before. And now she’s pregnant with his child. A child that could kill her.
Marissa jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire when she fell in love with Finn. Now he says the only way to save her life is to take her to his planet? I don’t think so.


This book is for 18+.


Chapter 1


Finn’s phone vibrated a message. He pulled it out of his pocket, expecting to see an I-love-you text from Marissa. Instead, he found a whole different kind of message.
Marissa: I’m pregnant.
Finn dropped the phone as if it were a live rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes were something he’d become accustomed to in the last few weeks in Arizona on the land the Asazi used as one of their settling areas. The compound was remote and isolated. Snakes were the nearest thing Finn and Marissa had for company. Snakes, rabbits, coyotes, birds of prey, scorpions.

He picked up the phone, pocketed it. He’d been walking the perimeter of the fencing, making sure it was secure, and that there was no chance they’d aroused any suspicions or curiosity among the local humans. He scanned the horizon for witnesses. There was no time to waste and running would take longer. He lifted off, using the powerful Asazi wings which had only gotten stronger since he’d discovered them a few weeks ago. One thing he’d become convinced of, that it wasn’t Earth food that gave him the ability to fly, it was probably the absence of Asazi food. He wondered what could be in it, and wanted to ask Kal, but also did not believe that Kal would know the answer. Kal would not hide this from him. He was certain of that. They’d always been closer than brothers. Kal would not keep secrets from him.

Like you don’t keep them from him? The voice of doubt cast aspersions on his relationship with Kal. He shoved those thoughts aside and brought his mind to his current problem. A most pressing one. Hopefully Marissa was wrong. Very wrong.

It couldn’t be. There was no way she was pregnant. He’d been careful. He’d had her be careful. They’d taken all the precautions necessary for humans not to become pregnant.
He flew at a furious pace, his heart pounding in his chest. When the ranch house they lived in came into view he scanned the yard for Marissa. Nothing. The pickup was parked in the driveway. He landed with a thud, anxious to see if it was true. To see if she was pregnant.

To make sure she was alive.

Kal’s words resonated in his mind, reverberating in his heart. One warning. Do not let her get pregnant. Human women die giving birth to Asazi babies. Your mother did, and every other one before her.

Now Finn had failed. She was pregnant, and she would die giving birth to their child. A child he’d tried to prevent. When could this have happened?

Still in the dirt, one thing crossed his mind. If she miscarried the child, before it became large enough to kill her, then she would live. His love would live.

He catapulted to his feet, slammed through the door, running throughout the house to find her. He burst into the kitchen.

Marissa dropped the pan she was holding, it clattered to the ground. “What the hell! You scared me.” She focused on him, eyes scanning his face, surveying, taking measure. “Finn, what’s wrong? Why are you out of breath?”

Chapter 2


Finn ran into the room, a film of sweat glistening on his skin, refracting the purplish-blue color, the tiny scales shifting and glimmering. Considering her news, it was odd, for him to be that color. The color of worry and sadness. His face was a mask of concern. She would have thought he’d be happy, overjoyed.

He paused, leaning against the doorjamb, almost seeming to need the support, his chest heaving with every breath.

She studied his sexiness, still stunned that this man was a part of her life. His eyes glowed in the afternoon sunlight, catching the rays, his face with a few days beard. She warmed at the memory of what that scruff did to her tender flesh between her legs this morning.

She approached him, slipping her hand inside his shirt, running her fingertips along his pecs, then down, slipping them into the waistband of his pants. He sucked a breath in, his shaft instantly responding to her touch, firming with the same hardness he’d had earlier that morning when they’d made love.

Behind him, his wings flared, opening with a whoosh of air and sound, longer than his height, magnificently diaphanous, but oh-so-very-male on his muscled body.

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