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Please help me welcome M. L. Guida to my blog today. She is going to give one luck commentor an ebook copy of Healer, so be sure and leave her a comment.

Betrayalwin_(137x215)_2Thanks Cindy for inviting me to your blog. I’d also like to congratulate you on your book, Tame a Wild Bride for being a finalist in Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence contest.

I am a paranormal romance writer and have always been drawn to the supernatural. In fact, I love the series, Supernatural. Got to love Sam and Dean Winchester. Like Sam and Dean, I write about strong alpha males. This is probably due to coming from an Italian family, filled with alphas.

Recently, I went to a Jon Bon Jovi concert. He came out wearing a bumper ticket that read I-support-Boston on a t-shirt. He said to combat terrorism we need to start small with kindness to someone then they will pass it onto someone else. Love conquers all.
Jon Bon Jovi is right. In this world filled with darkness, we need to focus on love and remember love is stronger than hate. In my books, I write about darkness, but I also write about resiliency. The Winchester brothers had resiliency. My goal is to offer hope.

Currently, I write books filled with angels, demons and vampires. I have an Angels of Death series that I am writing with Passion in Print. My first book is Betrayal, Angels of Death and I also have a short, Sinful Delight. I just recently signed with Lyrical Press and my novella, Dark Promise, will be released in March of 2014.

140x210TheHealer_2I also write as a young adult writer under the name J.L. Bowen. I have one book, Healer, from Featherweight. Armond is a thirteen year old boy and lives with his abusive aunt and uncle. No matter what his uncle and aunt do to him, he can heal himself within three days. When he turns fourteen, he sprouts wings and discovers everything that his aunt and uncle have told him is a lie. He is actually the missing healer of the Golden Demons and the Golden Demons have been searching for him. Without him, they have been slowly exterminated by the Dark Demons. Now, Armond must decide whether to leave his friends that he considers to be his family or his condemn his real family to death.

rykers_revenge_final_front_cover_150 x 225The sequel, Ryker’s Revenge, is being released on April 20, 2014 on the Featherweight Press website. This is Gunnar’s story, the Dark Demon healer and after Armond heals his dark heart, he wants to live with the Golden Demons, but after his father tattoos a Catalan dragon on his chest, designed to kill any Golden Demon. He now must find a way to protect his new friends or condemn them to death.

M.L. Guida

4 thoughts on “Getting to know M. L. Guida

  1. Mary,

    I enjoyed the interview. Your comment on the way to fight terrorism was spot on. That kind of outlook is one reason why I prefer to write romance. It gives people hope even in the dark times of their lives. Keep up the good work.

  2. Congratulations, Mary. I’m looking forward to reading Betrayal. I like your philosophy. Love, acts of kindness no matter how small, and resiliency are key to keeping us safe and sane. Many sales to you.

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