Dreaming of a White Christmas…Filled with Wolves by Terry Spear

I have the pleasure of having Terry Spear blogging with me today.  Read on my beloved fans.

Are you ready for some wolf loving?

DREAMING OF THE WOLF is the 8th book in the werewolf series, and though it’s a stand-alone title, Jake Silver is from the DESTINY OF THE WOLF pack in Silver Town, Colorado, book 2. The wolf pack runs its own town.

The fun thing about a series like this, is giving other pack members a chance to find a mate. But I still have to ensure that relationships between pack members don’t deviate too much from the earlier stories. WOLF FEVER is the 6th book that showcases this wolf pack.

I’ve included a scene that shows Jake’s interest in a human woman, but also how his brother, the pack leader, views his strange behavior. I love being able to show a character from someone else’s point of view. After this scene, Darien and his mate, Lelandi, both talk about what this means. Even though Jake is out of town, the pack still is concerned about the well-being of its pack members.


The shower turned on, and he was still thinking about that bed and what he and Alicia could do in it together when his cell phone rang. He jerked it off his belt, saw the caller was his brother, and shook his head. Jake should have called him first.

“Yeah, Darien?”

“Lelandi wanted me to check on you since you said you’d be home right after you dropped off the photographs, and you’re an hour late. Since you’re never late, she was worried. If it were me, I wouldn’t have been concerned. But you know how she’s been recently, what with the babies coming so soon. Having any trouble?”

“The art gallery didn’t open on time when I first arrived. But other than that, I’m staying longer to sightsee.” He had no intention of telling his older brother he was smitten with a human woman and intended to stay with her through the night at least, hoping he could convince her to give up her quest and find some other scumbag to take down—one who was a lot less dangerous. And then he’d give her up before he got much more entangled with her. “I’ll be home… tomorrow, sometime.”

“Tomorrow,” Darien said, sounding suspicious.

“Yeah, I’ll call you when I’m on my way.”

“Anything wrong?” Darien’s tone was more worried now.


“You… don’t… sightsee ever, Jake. What’s up?”

That was the problem with having an older brother who was the pack leader and who knew Jake too well. “Nothing’s up. I needed a bit of a vacation.”

“A vacation.”

Jake supposed that sounded rather weird to his brother since vacations were not part of Jake’s usual routine. “I’ll be home soon. All right, Darien?” This time his voice said he wasn’t saying anything further, so give it a rest.

A significant pause followed, and Jake was fairly sure Darien was considering whether to pry further—and give some of his brotherly advice—or just leave it be. Then Darien said, “Is that a shower running in the background?”

Damn their wolf hearing. Jake looked back at the closed door to the bathroom, hearing the spray from the shower hitting the tub in a rush. He should have walked outside the room to take the call, but he hadn’t been thinking. Not while he’d been staring at that inviting bed.

“Yeah.” Jake didn’t say anything more than that. Only one reason a shower would be running and he wasn’t in it. Someone else was.

Another very long pause followed. Then Darien finally conceded. “All right.” He tried to sound gruff, but Jake could hear the hint of a smile in his brother’s voice. “Call us when you’re on your way.”

“Will do.” Jake turned off his phone and shoved it into his pocket, annoyed with himself for getting caught in the act. Darien was sure to tell his mate, and Lelandi was sure to attempt her matchmaking with Jake again.

But with Alicia being human… that wasn’t happening.

Jake shook his head, irritated with himself again, but then the shower shut off and his gaze flew to the bathroom door as he imagined a soaking-wet Alicia climbing out of the tub and into his arms.

So how would you feel if you were Jake and you got “caught” doing something impulsive, and not at all in character?
And what about Alicia? Want to take her place???

One of the pictures was of me petting a wolf dog in a reserve that takes wolves and wolf dogs in. The teddy bear is my own creation. I make award-winning bears that have been featured in magazines, newspapers and found homes all over the world as far away as Australia, and I just shipped one to France!

Thanks so much for having me here today, Cindy! I’m in a Christmas mood and ready to give a commenter a copy of any book that will be autographed that the winner desires! US addresses only, please.

Wishing everyone the sweetest of holidays that are fun-filled and unstressed!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!”






Author bio: Award-winning author Terry Spear is the author of urban fantasy romances and medieval Highland romances. She received Publishers Weekly’s Best Book of the Year in 2008 for Heart of the Wolf. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry is a librarian by day. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

12 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White Christmas…Filled with Wolves by Terry Spear

  1. I love the excerpt. This is going on my wish list. If I got caught doing something out of character I would probably make it worse because I’d get tongue tied and say the wrong thing. I’d be better off just hanging up and turning off the phone and say the battery died. LOL
    Oh yeah…I’d like to take her place. 🙂

  2. I’d trade places with Alicia or Lelandi anyday of the week. There’s just something entangling about their Wolf DNA that just makes a human lose all senses. I ask you why? And just throw my name into that wolf den of eniquity.

  3. I think series are a wonderful way to introduce a wolf pack. Everyone is different in some way and how they interact is interesting. I haven’t met your wolves yet but looking forward to 🙂

  4. Thanks, Linda! I have 13 contracted and 9 and 10 are done and turned in. I’ve had a number of wolf fans beg me to say I’m not ending the series! So I hope to continue them as long as readers want to read wolf tales. 🙂

  5. Yes, I want to take her place!!! LOL I would tell Darien just what he did. Everyone needs their privacy once in a while, especially when they find an attractive human to play with. 🙂 I LOVE this series!!

  6. You’re welcome concerning a chat related matter, I was trying to throw an area I know rather well despite not being there in 8 years. I more or less still remember it and Cripple Creek.

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