Doing What Feels Right by Cynthia Harris

downloadOftentimes as authors, we are challenged on our choice of genre or content. I found myself, at times, tempted to yield to the demand of the others.

When I felt the urging from God to write fiction. Moreover, Christian Romance Fiction, I instantly resisted. Not so much because I disagreed with the command from the almighty. I cringed at the thought of the backlash I was destined receive from my fellow ministers. And receive, I did! …“Why are wasting your God-given talent on fiction?” …”With all your knowledge of the Bible, you chose fiction. And romance at that!” …”And just how do you suppose writing fiction will advance the kingdom of God.” …”You’re wasting valuable time writing romance fiction.” …‘’You’ve grossly missed what God would have you to do.” …”I can’t believe you are going to write that garbage.” …”You’ll lose credibility as a minister of the gospel.”

At the end of the day, I alone had to be comfortable with the words that manifested on the pages of my journal. And, after thorough consideration, found themselves in manuscript form.

I knew my imagination was a gift from God, early in my childhood. I spent the majority of pre-teen years living inside of an imaginary world. No matter where I was, or what I found myself doing, words were forever in my head. Soon, after many trials, tribulations, failures and successes. Christianity and my imagination collided, and I emerged as a Christian Romance author. Christian or not, most everyone loves a good romance or drama novel.

T.O.S.O.T. Ministries, LLC has a mission to teach romance from the biblical aspect. Love according to God’s holy word. In short, the series, although fiction, would minster as though it were non-fiction. In the midst of the romance, secret to success in relationships is unlocked. Dramatic accounts of situations, tragedies and circumstances in everyday life is brought to life in the vivid imagination of the reader. The principles of God are broken down and easily digestible. Have you ever sat in church on Sunday morning, only to leave disappointed because you had absolutely no idea how to apply to your life what you just heard? Most often the message is delivered alongside a prime cut of filet mignon, when instead, all you were capable of digesting at the time, was a hamburger. Inside you scream, will somebody please give me a simple answer to this Christian walk of life!

The Other Side of Through series delivers practical, yet exciting answers to the often asked question, why God? The message and parables of the scriptures are delivered without book, chapter and verse. Most often, as though you and your Aunt Mable were having a talk on the front porch. You will find yourself caught up the lives of the characters, only to realize that your fascination is arrested, because the story is indeed your own.

I dared to dance to the beat of the drum that resonates deep within my heart. I could have chosen to fall in line with the instruction to use my gift to write nonfiction. If so, I would have missed the opportunity to introduce God to a vast majority of the people who would never have chosen to pick up or open a bible. Some Christian authors fail in the task of writing a book that non-Christians desire to read. I could have chosen, and written along the lines of the vast “Christian way of living” novels currently in print. The ones that list seven ways to spirit living; five principles of the spirit lead man; battling the demons within. (These are not real titles. At least not to my knowledge. They are merely suggested title subjects for imagery, to drive home the point) the point being; if books have the words Christian, or spirit living. Some people will never open the page. The reason of course, they feel defeated, out-cast and substandard in the title alone.

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