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Cynthia, thank so much for having me on your blog today! I’ve got my coffee and I brought you a chocolate doughnut…two of my favorite things to enjoy when I in being interviewed.


What genre to you write and why?

I write mostly time travel romance with the occasional contemporary tossed into the mix. My time travels jump through different periods of history, because I find it exciting always going to new places and times. I like to take my readers on adventures!


How has your experience with self-publishing been?

I have been thrilled so far with my self-publishing experience. I love being in total control of my cover and the content. Most of all, I love that I have the opportunity to write what calls to me as an author. Sometimes time travel romance is a tough sell in the traditional world of publishing, but with self-publishing I’m free to not only bring readers the time travels that I love, but I’m free to write in any time period I want, when I want.


Do you have critique partners?

Absolutely! I belong to an online group that I started 6 years ago, the Passionate Critters. We keep the group small and over the years we’ve evolved from strictly critiquing to a real writing support group. We share the ups and downs of the journey. Through them I’ve developed some pretty tough skin, which is a necessity when your books are out there getting reviews! They’ve also been wonderfully supportive of my decision to self-publish.


What is most difficult for you to write?

Hands down, my biggest challenge in each and every book is dialogue. I can hear the characters in my head, but when it comes to getting them talking on paper – I struggle. Normal speech, true to character and setting, is so important when you’re in another time and place. I find I spend a LOT of my revision time on adding dialogue and cleaning it up. Sometimes I find myself wishing my characters could just be telepathic…maybe someday.


Please tell the readers a little bit about your book.

 A Knight in Her Arms.

Hannah Falcon loves her job at the Natural History Museum in New York City. She doesn’t love her friends insisting she date more. When a man dressed as a medieval knight shows up in the museum, Hannah mistakes him as her latest blind date. She couldn’t be more wrong!


Do you have any words of inspiration for aspiring authors?

Just keep at it. Surround yourself with people that foster you dream and push the negativity of those that don’t away. Write everyday, even if it’s only a paragraph or two. Keep believing, keep learning the craft.


Thanks for having me today, Cynthia!

4 thoughts on “Debora Dennis Interview

  1. Well, shoot. I used to work at a museum, and I never had a knight show up. I must have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, huh? LOL. Great setting. This sounds like an interesting read, and I enjoyed the interview.

  2. Great interview. 🙂 If I were an author, I would probably go with self-pub too. Do you find it hard to do your own marketing?
    I love that cover! The book sounds intriguing.
    Is this part of a series?
    Thank you for sharing, Debora!

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