Crashing Hearts Therapy by Emma Leigh Reed

I have Emma Leight Reed with me today.  Emma is going to give away one copy of her book to a lucky commenter so please leave a comment for her.

As I started this journey of writing a book, I originally wanted to write my son’s story. He, at the time, was to most a typical ten year old child. To me, he has given me a new look at life.  My son has autism.  This journey with him had me reeling at times, crying for joy at the little victories and amazed at what a very typical teenage child he has become.  Yes, he still requires a strict routine and holidays throw him off, but for those who are just meeting him you would never know the child he was just a few short years ago.

As I started writing his story, it became too painful.  The pain and jagged emotions were still so raw. I decided I still wanted to tell his story, but to make it easier I decided to write a romance and weave in the autism based on my son’s life. As I wrote, not only was I able to bring out some of the emotions of being a mom of an autistic child, but my own heart was healed.

CRASHING HEARTS to me symbols a fresh look at life, healing hearts and letting the tears of frustration and uncertainty flow. Those tears through this story have healed my heart and helped my view clear to the bright future that all three of my children have, and yes my autistic’s son future is as bright as his sisters.

Although CRASHING HEARTS is very much a fictional story, there are aspects that I relate to so clearly. So join me in celebrating the release of CRASHING HEARTS in January, 2012.

Kira Nichols is raising her autistic son alone while dealing with the guilt she has lived with for years surrounding her husband’s death.  Grant Rutledge returns to his hometown to help take over the family business and to repair the spiked heel to his broken heart. When he runs into a beautiful, overprotective mother and her nonverbal son, sparks fly and his chance to be part of a loving family seems possible again.  When Kira discovers a secret from Grant’s past, she second guesses her heart. She must overcome her suspicions and haunting ghosts from the past in order to get what she wants – if it’s not too late. To build the family Grant has always wanted, he has to learn to follow his heart.

Preorders for your signed copy of CRASHING HEARTS can be ordered via paypal for $12.00 each here or contact me directly to arrange payment.

14 thoughts on “Crashing Hearts Therapy by Emma Leigh Reed

  1. Writing is an amazing medicine for writers. I write often to find out what is really bothering me and sometimes it turns into something useful. So glad your struggles evolved into a book, which will reach so many other mothers going through the same thing. Great blog.

  2. Although I’ve lost touch with this person, I worked with a single woman whose son showed signs of autism and just as she was coming to terms with this her father was killed in a construction site accident, he was her son’s best friend. My heart goes out to anyone raising an autistic child.

    Mary W/A Cora Blu

    • Hi Mary. Glad you stopped by. While it is difficult raising an autistic child, I must say there are also many rewards. My son has certainly taught me to view the world differently.

  3. Goodness. This certainly explains the strength I see behind the writer. What a blessing it is to the world to use your gifts of writing for such a beautiful purpose. I do not personally know the day-to-day heart wrenching struggles but I do know that what you are doing strengthens others going through it while providing awareness at the same time.

    Sounds like a lovely and very compelling story.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Karen. I appreciate your words of support. I love to make people aware of the positives autism can provide. I don’t see it as a disability my son has, he is simply who he is.

  4. Very interesting excerpt, Emma Leigh. I understand more and more children are being diagnosed with autism. Your writing is bound to be a comfort and encouragement to mothers who face that challenge. A friend has an autstic son; he’s a very intelligent boy. Good luck with your book.

  5. You’re very brave to tackle such an emotional subject. Although it’s been nearly 20 years since my daughter had her open heart surgery (she was 16months) my hands still shake when I think about standing outside the Ped ICU while a code was called inside (someone’s daughter diied and none of us parents could look at each other as we all prayed it wasn’t our child) then the next day came the early morning call telling me to come down to the hospital immediately (because she’d climbed out of her crib and refused to go back). I’m glad your story has a happy ending. I’ll be sure to add it to my TBR pile.

  6. Winner of the Blog comment contest is Linda Andrews. Congratulations Linda. Emma will contact you directly with information about your prize.

  7. Sounds like a heartwarming story with depth and understanding. Wonderful that you were able to incorporate your life into your story and share your insight with others. Best of luck with your book and may the New Year bring you and your family health and happiness!

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