Cover Reveal by Cynthia Woolf

This is the cover for my newest book, NELLIE, The Brides of San Francisco, book 1. I hope you like it. I’d love to have your comments on it.


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  1. When I was in High School, my parents moved to Los Altos, California (late 50’s) which is on the Northern California peninsula with San Francisco. I had many opportunities to visit the city and I’ve seen a lot of photographs of it’s early years. It probably isn’t very important, but the town in the background of the cover appears more like that of something out of the early South-West or Mid-West (flat land with dusty streets and ramshackle buildings). SF is hilly and with the amount of rain they get is fairly green. The early building probably did look somewhat like those pictured however.
    The young lady in the picture does look like she would fit well in early SF. Just thought I’d give you my two-cents (doubtful anyone else will notice).

  2. From its inception, San Francisco has been a metropolitan city. In 1906–earthquake and fire–it had a population of more than 400,000. I don’t know exactly when this book is set, but my family has lived there since 1849 and I think your cover artist needs to do more research. The Palace Hotel, seven stories, built in 1875 , was the largest hotel in in the west and the tallest building in the city at that time.
    Although the young woman is beautiful and evocative of the late nineteenth century, the dusty main street jars. San Francisco was never a small town, it was full of money and mansions almost from the beginning.
    Good luck with this new series!

  3. The cover is lovely, Cindy. Nelly is lovely, and and I love her vintage blouse. However, if your book is set in San Francisco, then the background is incorrect. San Francisco is very hilly and a lot greener. The town depicted looks more like West Texas than California. If the book is set elsewhere, then you might want to re-consider your series title. Right now the combination of background and series title is confusing and contradictory.

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Very serene and lovely cover. It appears this will be a romance of a more serious tone? My husband and I have so many special memories of the San Fran area. You must have enjoyed researching this book! Feel free to post it on my Facebook Timeline page.

  5. Oh yeah, that will work just fine…when I was a young athlete I used to love to run along the beaches in Northern California and did the Bay to Breakers and Dipsea Run over Mt. Tamalpias (but don’t recall the actual spelling of those).

  6. Love your new cover, Cindy. For me, it’s all in the face, and this gal has an expression that makes me want to know her story. I love when we find the right model/face for a story. Looks great, let us know when the book is available.

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