Christmas Give by Meda White

CG_barnesnoble (1)_2Have you ever heard the expression Christmas Give or Christmas Gift? I’ve heard it my entire life. In my family, you were guaranteed to hear it when you walked into Grandma’s house on Christmas Day. In my holiday novella, Adam/Mack explains the meaning to Eva. According to Wikipedia, the expression can be traced back to 1844 in the Southern U.S. From my research, I’ve gathered that it was originally Christmas Gift, but as we Southerners are sometimes prone to do, it evolved with dialect and tradition. Granny Rhett said, “Christmas Giff.” Grandma (Verna T) said, “Christmas Give.” And Maw (Eva) said, “Christmas Gift.” Either one you choose, they mean the same thing: whomever you say it to is supposed to present you with a gift. Try it this Christmas and start a new tradition.


BLURB: Eva Walker returns home to Georgia for the first Christmas since her husband’s death. She’s missed her family, but is afraid the void left by her husband will make it unbearable.

Between losing his job as an NFL defensive back and losing his wife to the star quarterback, Adam “Mack” Riggs has had a rough year. Looking for a change of pace, he visits an old college friend for Christmas.

The attraction between Eva and Adam is instant, and so is the laughter. Enjoying life again feels so good for both of them. Simple Christmas wishes unite with a shared holiday tradition, putting them on a path toward healing and acceptance. A path that could lead to a future, if only their pasts would remain where they belong.



When it was time to clear the table, Adam went to Eva and took the plates from her hand. “You need to sit.”

“But I…”

He placed the plates on the table, picked her up and carried her to Brad’s recliner.

“But, Santa Paws, it feels much better.” Her wide-eyed innocent look made her appear younger than her years.

He shook his head. “You need RICE.”

“I’m too full for rice.” She put her hands on her abdomen.

“Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.” He tilted the lever on the chair to lean her back.

The family went on about their business while he went to the freezer. He grabbed a tea towel and returned to place a bag of frozen corn on her knee. Then he went to her room and got a pillow from the bed to prop under her leg and get it a little higher.

“How do you know to do all this?” she asked.

“Two knee surgeries and more sprains, bruises, and pulled muscles than I can count.”

“That’s a tough line of work. I’m glad you’re moving on.”

He smirked while she squirmed and settled. “Will you be needing anything else?”

“Only this.” Somehow, from a nearly laid out position, she managed to pull the Heisman pose, using the corn in place of the ball.

He’d never fallen down laughing before, but he grabbed his gut and took a knee. “You’re too much.”

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Meda_White_head_shot_2BIO: Meda White writes sweet, sultry, and southern contemporary and new adult romance. Born with Georgia clay running through her veins, she continues to enjoy the Southern lifestyle with her husband and a very spoiled Collie. When not writing, you might find her making music, shooting zombie targets, teaching yoga, or explaining the meaning of her unusual first name. You can connect with her on Facebook  and Twitter


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