The Marshals Mail Order Brides

Three marshals. Three Mail Order Brides.
Each book is a stand alone with a HEA

The Carson City Bride
U.S. Marshal Joshua Egan has a vengeance on his mind when he marries an unclaimed mail order bride to care for his motherless children. A gang of outlaws murdered his dear wife during a stagecoach robbery gone wrong and Joshua’s only need now is for justice. When Rachel Maitland arrives with her innocent eyes and kind smile, she breaks the shield around his heart to pieces, like water flowing through a canyon. He can’t keep her out, no matter how hard he tries, and no matter the risk.

Rachel Maitland was only sixteen when she entered into an arranged marriage lacking in just about every way. Now that her elderly husband has passed, she finds the courage to hope for a new and better life as a mail order bride. Her needs are simple, she wants to be loved. She wants a family. She wants a man who will not just provide for her survival, but shelter her lonely heart.

Joshua Egan might be that man. And he might not. There’s not a lot of room for love in a heart burned by vengeance. And this time, when the outlaws come looking for the money from the robbery…it’s personal. There can be only one victor when the battle for a man’s heart is fought between revenge…and love.

The Virginia City Bride
If Jared Winslow didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any. Forced to leave his home in Chicago or face the hangman’s noose, he’s supposed to lay low and stay out of trouble. He’s not supposed to become a U.S. Marshall in The Nevada Territory. And he’s not supposed to order himself a mail-order-bride. But Jared wants a real life. A home. A family. And he’s not going to allow Lady Luck, or false allegations against him stop him from living his life.

When Angelica Riley arrives, he’s smitten. She’s kind, beautiful and generous. She wants what he does, a family, stability. A home. But he isn’t the only one who finds her allure impossible to resist. A local troublemaker has decided that Angelica will be his. Her loyalty to Jared–and the promise she made him to become his wife–only angers a man who is used to taking anything he wants.

Obsession turns deadly and a woman with an uncanny resemblance to Angelica is violently murdered. Jared knows his enemy will stop at nothing to take his new bride. The question now is can Jared stop him or will his past–and Lady Luck–take everything from him this time, not only his life, but the woman he has grown to love.

The Silver City Bride
Eve Coleman was a gambler in a red dress, looking to lie low.

Cameron Neal was a marshal looking to please his dying godfather.

She answered the ad for a mail-order bride.

He went to send her away but she pulled at him like no other. She knew his godfather's illness was a sham but she married the marshal anyway. Was she making a mistake? She could put on her red dress and do what she was good at or stay and work harder at something than she ever had in her life. Marriage.

For their own reasons they were together…“until death do you part”.

Publisher: Firehouse Publishing
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