Tame a Honeymoon Heart

Duncan McKenzie has long promised his wife, Catherine, a honeymoon, yet life's demands continuously postpone their plans. However, when a cryptic letter summons Duncan to Chicago, he sees an opportunity to finally fulfill his promise. Determined to surprise Catherine, he decides to blend business with pleasure, planning a clandestine honeymoon without her knowledge.

Little does Duncan know, Catherine harbors secrets of her own, concealed beneath her composed exterior. As they embark on their unexpected journey, both husband and wife navigate a delicate dance of hidden truths and unspoken desires, unaware of the revelations that await them in the bustling streets of Chicago.

In a tale of love, loyalty, and the complexities of marriage, Duncan and Catherine's intertwined destinies unravel against the backdrop of a city brimming with secrets of its own. Will their shared journey bring them closer together, or will the shadows of their pasts threaten to tear them apart? As secrets surface and truths emerge, Duncan and Catherine must confront the depths of their bond and the unspoken truths that could redefine their relationship forever.

Publisher: Firehouse Publishing
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