All Liam Anderson craved after the War Between the States was tranquility. After enduring seventeen years of bloodshed and loss, he longed for respite from the horrors of battle. With the death of his beloved wife and the wrongful accusation against his brother, Liam sought refuge in Deadwood, hoping for a fresh start away from the chaos of the past.

Miss Eleanor Smith, a seasoned spinster at thirty-two, had forsaken the idea of a traditional home and family. Instead, she dedicated her life to aiding the downtrodden and forgotten, accompanying her preacher father on his missions to the most destitute corners of the world. Cynical of men and their intentions, Eleanor had grown accustomed to relying solely on herself until a chance encounter with Liam thrusts her into a dangerous game of revenge.

As trouble shadows Liam and his children in Deadwood, Eleanor finds herself at the mercy of unforeseen circumstances. When she vanishes, Liam is compelled to rescue her, his dormant passion reignited by her fiery spirit. But Eleanor remains steadfast in her independence, unwilling to yield to his advances. Can Liam convince her that mere survival is not enough and that together they can find true fulfillment? Bound by their shared struggles and scars, Liam and Eleanor embark on a journey of redemption and healing, where love becomes their greatest salvation.

Publisher: Firehouse Publishing
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