A Bride for Frank


Five lady outlaws sent to prison for bank robbery. Their sentences commuted to time served if they become mail-order brides.

Five brothers looking for wives, take a chance on the outlaw brides.

Will they find happiness or heartache?

This is Maisie’s story.

Maisie Sheahan was married to a monster. Luckily he died. Unlucky for her, he owed money to a very cruel man and that man wants his money…from Maisie or else she would pay the price…with her life. The only choice she had was to rob a bank with her friends, all of whom have their own reasons for needing the money. Maisie never wanted to marry again. Marriage equaled pain. The only thing her husband left her was the map to a gold mine which she intends to find.

Frank Campbell wants a family and children. He loves doting on his nieces but wants his own children to dote on. Can he convince Maisie that he’s not like her dead husband? Can he show her that marriage should be full of joy not pain? He’ll help her find her mine, hoping to give him time to prove to her he’s not like her husband was.

Roy Slade wants the money Maisie owes his boss. But he has his own agenda. He wants the map to the mine and he doesn’t plan on leaving Maisie and Frank left to talk.

Will Maisie and Frank find their joy and manage to keep Slade from killing them?

Publisher: Firehouse Publishing
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