Blogging mishaps by Mimi Barbour

Blogging mishaps…

Have you ever gotten yourself so mixed up on your blog dates and the blogs themselves that you write the same one for different people, mix the dates up between them and get into such a mess that your hair is in vital danger? I mean, I always been such an organized person that I never dreamed this could happen to me.

But, over these past holidays, I’ve been in danger of messing up royally and it’s making me crazy. I love to blog and usually have no problem coming up with a suitable topic. Today, I just had to find out if there are others, like me, who’ve gotten into these kinds of messes.

I’ve always considered it a privilege to be a guest on someone else’s site. And because I only opened my own blog Believe in September, I’ve held off inviting others until I felt totally comfortable with what it all entailed. As any of you know who already have your own blogsites, it’s not as difficult as we all worry about in the beginning, is it? Or at least it’s not the nightmare I envisioned. As a particularly inept techie, I’ve tried to protect myself from too many nightmares, but I must admit, nothing in the computer world so far has been that bad…well maybe formatting  My Cheeky Angel properly to be self-pubbed might be considered the ultimate frustration, but I did manage in the end. (Couldn’t quite do it properly the second time around for a short story, but that’s another blog.)

Therefore, let this quagmire of mixed-up-ed-ness be a lesson for me in the future. I mustn’t think everything is in order until I’ve checked repeatedly. I must have two data books going, one for the blogs I’m on and the other for my guests, and heaven help me – I must check them every single day!

I’d love to hear about any stories you can share so I don’t feel so alone here on my naughty stool. LOL!!!

If any of you have had a similar experience, I’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment for a chance to win a free e-book copy of My Cheeky Angel

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Annie! I need to tell you about how painful it can be out there.”

“I know you’ve had bad experiences, Ty. That you’ve shut down your expectations, your future, but I need to try to live mine. Give me a chance, my friend. That’s all I ask. Support me, please.”

His professional instincts overrode his personal needs and stopped his tirade. He sighed deeply. Walking away, he thought about what she’d said. Maybe the best thing he could do for her was to let her grow up, as she so succinctly put it. Let her learn the lessons romance had taught him. He’d stay on the sidelines. He’d keep his predictions and warnings to himself, and he’d watch and wait.

But every red-blooded male hormone in his taut body urged him on. He went back to her and stopped. “Annie, I’m your best buddy, and I adore you and your overly large caring heart. Please don’t change too much.”

He scooped her close, picking her right up off the floor. When he perused her features, his eyes were unusually serious. Dangling, she would have fallen if not for his arms. He hesitated, waiting to see if she’d pull away, which left her body wriggling against his for far too long, and calling “hello” to every cell in his over-sensitized skin. His trembling surprised him. He hadn’t experienced that kind of reaction to a female since being a horny teenager. He stared at her mouth and growled. He’d intended his caress to be a light-hearted expression of his affections. It changed the minute their bodies touched.

Intent must have flashed in his eyes. When she froze, he kissed her, not in the brotherly or friendly way he’d meant to, but the way a man kisses the woman he wants. While she gasped with surprise, he thrust his tongue between her soft lips, prying them open wider, and then he invaded. Her response lifted his spirits and gave him hope. She tasted him, her tongue darting forward, caressing his with a tiny, affectionate lick. Then, her body melted into him, clinging for long seconds. His groan must have scared her. She broke away and pushed on his shoulders.

“Tyler, stop it. Why are you doing this?” Her trembling hand covered her lips.

His eyes narrowed. He stared at the little lady in front of him, into those big, worried eyes, and felt the lust die. Damn, she was right. He had no business upsetting her. What the hell had gotten into him? He loosened his grip and gently lowered her to the floor. From the first day he’d met her, he’d sensed an emotional changeling in flux. His own past experiences had soured him on the whole love-relationship thing, and he no more wanted to have another girlfriend than to get a skin-eating disease. Being buddies with Annie had fitted perfectly into his chosen lifestyle. He didn’t want anything to change. But that was his problem, not hers. His demons were his own to fight. Besides, his last relationship still had him questioning his abilities as a mate and a lover for any woman. Best not push his luck.

“Okay, Anna, how can I help?” He stood in front of her with his hands on his hips and his feet spread. He smiled. Not his unique smile, but tender nonetheless. Her eyes misted. “Thank you, Ty. I couldn’t bear to lose you.”

Tyler recognized that their friendship had passed a huge hurdle. “Listen, we’re buds, aren’t we?”

She beamed her relief. Such a little worrywart. Then she nodded her head.

He chuckled. “Anything I can help you with, it’s yours. Car rides, advice—friendly sex?”


Review – 5-stars Another Great Read from Mimi Barbour! (Amazon)

So far, I’ve not read a book by this author that I didn’t love. My Cheeky Angel is a warm story about Annie and Tyler and Celi. Annie’s suffering from the desire to succeed at the corporate level while her heart wants to help people. Through out Annie’s struggles to figure out what she wants and who she loves, Celi puts her two-cents worth in regularly.

It a heartwarming story, and I enjoyed spending my entire day with Annie and Tyler.

Written by Jerrie – November 6, 2011


MIMI BARBOUR  – Author of THE VICARAGE BENCH SERIES lives in Qualicum Beach and writes her paranormal romances with tongue in cheek and a mad glint in her eye. If I can steal a booklover’s attention away from their every-day grind, absorb them into a fantasy love story, and make them care about the ending, then I’ve done my job.”

The 4th in the series “Together Again” was released May/2011.

4 thoughts on “Blogging mishaps by Mimi Barbour

  1. Loved the excerpt thanks for sharing 🙂 and as for computer mishaps.. hmm well on another persons blog my comment would not show up so I tried to post it again, then again then again when everything was all said and done I gave up and went back later to try again…. here my comment appeared 6 times it was actually embarrassing so now I know to give comments time to show up :/!! Thanks for posting today!

  2. Savannah and Linda, I loved your stories about what mishaps happened to you…makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone doing goofy things….oh and the comment thing…yep same thing happened to me. And Linda, you made me laugh and think about using cut and paste a lot more carefully!
    xo Mimi

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