Bad Cop Date Night by Liz Kelly

GoodCop_HR_2I enjoy writing romance. I laugh out loud as I “hear” dialogue bantered back and forth between the characters in my head. If I can’t be at my computer, I’m thinking about what’s happening next in my current novel, or debating the best way to start the next one. I really enjoy writing romance.

Of course, what adds to the fun is feedback from readers. And this particular feedback I’m sharing with you today was really, really fun.

I received an email from Lee, a mother of two very young children. She had read Good Cop which is a fun and sexy romance involving a love triangle between two best buddies who are turning thirty, (Brooks and Vance) and the cute young thing that has caught their eye, (Lolly).

Lee started her email telling me she’d read passages from Good Cop more than once because “they’re so damn hot” and, “furthermore” shared some of those parts with her hubby, telling him that “this” is what every woman wants. (Brooks losing control around Lolly, and Vance being his “bad cop” self.)

Then she wrote, “I need to be careful about what I asked for.”

Because her husband listened, and decided to become “Bad Cop” on their August “date night”. She says after 10 years of being together they had “an awesome and HOT date night doing things they’d never do otherwise.” She mentioned that her husband’s cologne made its way out of the dusty bottle and that his attitude changed to being large and in charge! (She put a smiley face next to that comment.)

DSC07724_2He arranged and presented her with small gifts throughout the night. The first gift was ear plugs! He took her to a shooting range where they fired a 9 mm gun. (That cracked me up. He was really into the “cop” part of this fantasy.) Then he took her to an Italian restaurant which he said he imagined “Good Cop” would do. They stayed late and listened to the band, until he presented her with a pair of velcro handcuffs! That’s when they raced home hoping the kids were sound asleep and they could get the babysitter home quickly.

Unfortunately, as it happens in a lot of romance novels, chaos ensued at the most inopportune moment. As they pulled into the driveway a call came in telling them that her mom had been taken to the hospital. It all turned out well, but she says that she’s now begging for Bad Cop to show up and finish what they started. Their anniversary is coming up, so she felt confident that he would.

Some men, a lot of men, enjoy romance. I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of guys who’ve read and enjoyed my books. Try Good Cop ~ Heroes of Henderson Book 1. You don’t have to share it with the man in your life ~ but you never know what might happen if you do.

9 thoughts on “Bad Cop Date Night by Liz Kelly

  1. Great story! The good cop/ bad cop moves can be very inspiring!!
    I eager to read more about bad boy Vance.
    Thanks Liz

  2. What a fun story, Liz! We all love to hear from our readers and when the emails are fun and show us how much they enjoy our books, it’s even better, isn’t it?

    Nice post! Heading to Amazon to find Good Cop!

  3. I love it! What a cute husband she has. And the best part? He dropped his plans to go to her mother. You gotta love a guy like that.

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