An Interview with Shannyn Schroeder

HisWorkWhat inspired your latest book?

His Work of Art was inspired by a simple conversation with one of my daughters. We were discussing Instagram and whether I needed to be there to promote the first Hot & Nerdy trilogy. I had no plans to write another trilogy, or any novellas, or any New Adult, for that matter. But as I mentioned that to her, I had a sudden thought of “What if I wrote nerdy guys?” And that was all it took for the ideas to start rolling in.

What is your favorite part of writing?

I love drafting. Most of the time. Staring at a blank page can be horrible if the words aren’t coming, but usually, I can just write anything and the story will come. I draft without too much care. I don’t plot ahead of time. I get to know my characters and trust them to tell me their story.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

I hate revising. Revisions show me that the words I wrote while drafting that I thought were brilliant and perfect aren’t. Revision feels harder, even though it’s not. It’s just not as much fun because it’s when you have to fix everything. What I do during revision matters.

What is your next project and when will it be released?

I have the Hot & Nerdy trilogy, of which His Work of Art is the first novella. The other two novellas – His New Jam and His Dream Role release in November and December respectively.

Then I have new single-title series – For Your Love – that will release next summer.

What genres are you drawn to as a reader?

I read a lot of contemporary romance. In fact, most of what I read these days is contemporary. However, I’ve always loved romantic suspense and a good paranormal has been known to draw me in. And every now and then, I read a YA. I tend to avoid those, though, because so often they make me cry.

Has your muse always known what genre you would write and be published in?

My muse might’ve known I belonged writing contemporary romance, but I didn’t. The first two manuscripts I wrote were romantic suspense because that’s what I loved to read at the time. They weren’t working, but I couldn’t figure out why. When I drafted my first contemporary, More Than This, I realized why those other books didn’t work. My writer’s voice is contemporary romance.

What do you have planned for the future?

Write, write, and write some more.  Fill in my extra time with watching too much TV. As I said, I have the For Your Love series that I’m working on right now. That’s my main focus. I have a few other things dancing in my brain, but nothing I can discuss just yet.

What is your writing routine like?

Although I try to have a writing routine, it might not actually look much like one. I’ve always written around my kids’ schedules. So depending on where my kids are, that will dictate when I write. I travel with my laptop, drop my kids off at whatever extracurricular activity is on for the day, and I usually go sit at McDonalds and write until it’s time to pick them up. I get some writing time in on my days off from my day job and when I’m coming up on deadline, I write when the kids are in bed too.

Having achieved your goal to be a published author, what is the most rewarding thing?

The absolute best thing about being a published author is fan mail. I can be having the worst day ever, but if I get a comment or an email from someone telling me that she loved my book, it changes my whole day.

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Shannyn Schroeder is the author of the O’Leary series, contemporary romances centered around a large Irish-American family in Chicago and the new Hot & Nerdy series about 3 nerdy friends and their last spring break. When she’s not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and loves to bake cookies.

Book Blurb:

Reese Carter is definitely not your average college girl. She’d prefer to spend Saturday nights playing Hero’s Crusade than attending a wild frat party on campus. When she bands together with Adam, fellow comic enthusiast and illustrator, it appears that Reese has formed a dream team sure to propel her writing into the comic hall of fame.

Adam Hayes has never met a girl like Reese. She’s sassy, smart, and loves talking comics, although he can’t see why she’d choose DC over Marvel. He’s thrilled to finally put his artistic chops to use in their upcoming comic project. But this relationship is strictly professional. Or so he tells himself. When the two combine forces, they churn out magic in more ways than they had planned; they never expected to develop a steamy romantic sub-plot of their own…

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