An Interview with Lane McFarland

Please help me welcome Lane McFarland to my blog today. As a special thank you, Lane is offering a copy of each of her books to two lucky commenters (one book each).

Thank you for having me as your guest, Cindy! I am thrilled to join you today.

Cameron_2Tell us about yourself. Have you had other careers before becoming a writer? Are you a full time writer or do you have a “day job”?

My background is actually in accounting and computer systems. I worked as a financial systems analyst for a large corporation for many years, but left that life to sell financial software. During the day, I travel around the country giving presentations, but at night in the hotel room, or on the airplane, you’ll often find me writing. What a wonderful stress reliever to escape into worlds of intrigue with timeless love and happily-ever-after endings.

What genre(s) do you write in and why?

My passion is historical romance. Throwing my imagination into years gone by, researching dark periods of strife and violence, justice and quests for freedom, and dreaming of what it might have been like to live and survive during these hostile periods have been the most fascinating aspects of writing historical romance.

My Daughters of Alastair MacDougall series begins in May 1297, a time of unrest between Scotland and England. It has been such fun to research this period and imagine living amongst the clans.

Tell us about your current series.

The Daughters of Alastair MacDougall historical romance series is set in the late thirteenth century Scotland. Each book tells a story of one of Laird MacDougall’s four daughters coming of age in a country fraught with war and feuds amongst rival clans. The Graham and the MacDougall clans were no exception as their disagreements fueled a life-long fight between them.

As compensation for his indiscretions, Laird Alastair MacDougall promised his wife he would grant his daughters the rare privilege to live their lives as they desired.

Devoting her life to the healing arts, Cameron rebels against her father’s feuding ways. Laird Robert Graham, determined to band Scots together against English tyranny, seals a truce with her father. But after Laird MacDougall breaks that truce in a treacherous attack on Robert’s young brother, Robert kidnaps Cameron in an act of revenge. She expects the anger she feels, but not the simmering attraction to the powerful warrior, or the love she develops for his clan.

The second book tells Heather’s story. On her mother’s death bed, Heather promised she would help her senile father manage the clan. In her quest to keep her clan intact and hold off those who plot to overtake her father’s land, she secretly leads warriors on missions for the rebellion. She fights to keep her secrets safe, while resisting the lure of Laird Alec Campbell, the handsome young laird who challenges her defenses.

Bent on overcoming the belief he’s failed his aging father, Alec concentrates on proving his worth to his people. He provides for them and leads men into battle, vowing never again to disappoint his clan or lose his heart.

Give us an excerpt of your books.


In this scene, Robert has just kidnapped Cameron, and they have arrived at Graham Caste.

Robert swung off his horse. He reached up, plucked Cameron off the saddle, and set her before him. Her weak legs wobbled, but he grabbed her wrist and dragged her up the stone staircase.

She had to run to keep up with his long strides. Her toe caught the step, and she pitched forward slamming her knee onto the hard rock. Pain shot up her leg, and she grimaced.
Robert grabbed her upper arm and steadied her as she rubbed her shin.

He tugged on her arm. “M’lady?”

His eyes softened a mere second before he reached behind her knees and lifted her. She grasped his thick neck as he carried her up the remaining stairs and into the castle.

Servants stopped their duties and gaped as he stormed across the massive great room. Cameron’s chest heaved with fear. What would he do to her? Everything had happened so fast. Was this his plan all along? For Da to let his guard down under false pretenses of a truce so Robert could kidnap her? Did he intend to hold her for ransom? Was that his payment?

Robert marched down a long dark corridor into a room at the end of the hall. He let her legs drop, but held her against his chest. Her toes touched the floor, and he eased away, his gaze holding hers. “Ye will remain here until I send for ye.”

He turned abruptly, stormed from the room, and slammed the door. A bolt scraped against its brackets.

The room fell silent. Cameron shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. She peered around the sparsely furnished chamber. A small bed hugged the wall. A table with a pitcher and basin was next to it. She sat on a bench positioned in front of a cold fireplace. Her shoulders slumped, and she trembled.

No one at home knew where she was.

Heather (1)_2Heather

In this scene, Alec is helping Heather with an All Hallow’s Eve festival.

Alec sat on a table, his feet resting on a bench with his forearms braced on his thighs. Heather laughed and hugged a lass to her side. How he missed hearing the sound of her voice, smelling the faint scent of lavender drifting from her blonde hair. How he missed the feel of her soft skin and looking into the depths of her blue eyes. She was a soothing balm to his tortured soul. She made him forget—the war, the atrocities inflicted upon his brother Scots, and aye, the bloodshed by his blade—just for a moment.

Heather hiked her brown woolen skirt and hurried to him. She placed her hands on his. “Will ye help with the tug of war?” Her eyes sparkled. “It’s a tradition between the lads and lassies.”

He wanted to wrap his arms around her, nuzzle her neck and bury his face in her thick tresses. “Aye, I’ll help.”

“To make it a fair fight, ye will lead the girls, and I’ll lead the boys.”

He squeezed her hands and winked. “Sounds like a challenge. Care to place a wee wager on yer team?”

Her eyes narrowed, and she tilted her head to the side. “Just what kind of a wager did ye have in mind?”

He stroked her wrist in small circles. “If ye win, I’ll honor yer wish.”

Her gaze locked onto his. “If I win, ye’ll honor mine,” he added, the sound of his voice came out husky and seductive.

What is your next project and when will it be released?

I just released the first two books of my series, Cameron and Heather, and plan to release Lindsey’s story next summer, with Elsbeth’s book to soon follow.

What is your favorite part of writing?

I love to research the history, the way of life and immerse my imagination in what it would have been like to have lived then, the struggles and survival.

What was the deciding factor in self-publishing your book(s)?

My day job was the biggest deciding factor. I am constantly jumping through hoops to meet deadlines, and I just can’t take one more in my life right now. I knew it wouldn’t be fair to an agent or me if I went the traditional publishing route.

How has your experience with self-publishing been? Did you decide on ebook or print only or both?

So far, my experience with self-publishing has been good. There was a lot that went into the process and writing the stories was just the start. I submitted my chapters to a couple of critique groups and went through many edits. As I was writing, I decided to have my covers designed. That really gave me a spark. I could actually see my characters! Once I finished pouring through all of the critiques, I sent my books to an editor for a thorough review. Of course, she found a number of things I had to revise. Finally, I had several wonderful beta readers that read it and gave their feedback. Once I had completed my final edits, I was ready to publish. My books are available in print on Amazon as well as in ebook format. I also have them at Bookstorewithoutborders and Smashwords.

Do you or have you belonged to a writing organization? Which one? Have they helped you with your writing? How?

I belong to Hearts Through History Romance Writers, Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, and Romance Writers of America. I’m a member of the critique groups in HHRW and CHRW. They have helped me tremendously! I wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t for their wonderful support and encouragement.

Where can readers find you?
Here are my Author Links:
Twitter: @LaneMcFarland

Where can readers find your books? Print/Ebook?
To Learn More About Cameron and Heather:




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  1. I think research is fun, too, Lane. I am a fan of the theory that we’re drawn to a particular era because we lived there in a past life.
    Best of luck with your series!

    • What a fun theory! I love to dream of what it would have been like to live during those hard times, but I have to say I enjoy too many 21st century creature comforts! LOL!!!

      Thank you for stopping by, Ana!

  2. Your books sound intriguing, Lane. I like historical romance as well as other romance genres. I always learn something from the historicals. However, I’d never, never want to have lived back then, especially as a woman. Good luck with your writing career.

  3. WooHoo, Lane, l love Heather and Cameron (which I have, so don’t put me in the drawing LOL). Research is a lot of fun, I agree, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in it, I forget to write LOL. Best of luck with both books.

  4. Hi Lane! I’m glad you found self-pubbing a worthwhile process. It’s really the ‘way to go’ for authors ‘on the go’.
    I’m looking forward to reading ‘Lindsey’ when it’s out next year.
    Best of luck on sales.

  5. Hi Lane, Your book covers are wonderful and your stories sound like excellent reads. I love research as well and I think a reader gets so much more out of a well researched book. Wishing you success with your indie career!

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