An Interview with Kathryn Jane

KathrynJane_Lies_HRTell us about your current series.

The Intrepid Women series is a collection of stand-alone novels with interwoven themes and characters from Meyers Security (a family run security firm), and ETCETERA (a clandestine agency made up of people with various extra-sensory skills).

What is your favorite part of writing?

Getting to know my characters and learning the story as it magically slips from my fingertips to the keyboard and onto the page… and spending all day in sweat pants.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

Marketing. It’s unnatural for me to run around yelling: I’m awesome, my books are awesome, and you should go and buy them. I’d rather just write the next book, and the next, and…

Give us an elevator pitch for your book.

Jake’s investigating the disappearance of a famous racehorse and he’s convinced that Tara is the key, which she is, but she’s been lying so long it feels like the truth. For her, the easy way out involves staying hidden at the cottage with Charlie—her one-eyed cat—but life for Tara is never easy… and she’s having trouble saying no to the sexy PI.

Tell us about your hero.  Give us one of his strengths and one of his weaknesses.

Jake is incredibly kind, and hates giving up control.

Tell us about your heroine.  Give us one of her strengths and one of her weaknesses.

Loyalty is both a strength, and a weakness for Tara.

What genres are you drawn to as a reader?

Romantic Mystery/Suspense. My favorite author of all time is JD Robb. I also love Christine Feehan’s Drake Sister series, Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, Cherry Adair, and Brene Brown.

head shot from RWA14Do you write under a pen name?   Why or why not?

When I started to publish, I was still working in Emergency Services and we were forbidden to have an online presence. We had to be untraceable through online searches, so I had to take a pen name. Kathryn Jane was my sister’s choice.

What did you want to be when you were a child?  Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

I always wanted to be a vet, but instead immersed myself in the horseracing industry, moving through the ranks until I was a trainer. I’ve also done time in the corporate world and that of emergency services.

But throughout it all, the writer in me played until one day, when realizing I was about to turn 50 without anything tangible to show for what I called, ‘the first half of my life,’ I decided to write a book.

I got it done before the milestone birthday, and just kept on writing.

LIES is that first book. Well, the basic story of the first book, but drastically rewritten of course!




Chapter 1

May, 2012. Johnsonville International Airport. Aboard Flight XLB317.

 “Not just no, but—”


Tara nearly decked the snippy flight attendant when he grabbed her by the arm. She would not be manhandled or pushed around.

“Your seat assignment has already been changed,” he said in a grating sing-song lets-everybody-be-happy voice that set her teeth on edge.

“And,” he went on, there’s absolutely nothing you or I can do about it, so, if you’d just remove that,” he waved his fingers at her overalls, “smelly stuff, and take your seat.”

Tara stared him down and spat a single word. “Negative.”

His eyebrows shot up for an instant before he managed to school his expression.

He’d started on her the minute she’d stepped from the cargo section into the galley of the passenger area. She was responsible for two horses riding in the back section of the plane—in a travel crate the size of a three-horse trailer—and took her job very seriously.

“I booked and paid for the aisle, which is standard practice for livestock escorts on a combo flight.” The front half of the plane was for passengers, the rear half for cargo.

“You will be in the same row at the back here, and you do have the option of either the window or middle seat. The airline’s security department has bumped you and there’s nothing either of us can do about it because the security rep needs—”

“I don’t really care what he needs. I’m responsible for several thousand pounds of equine capable of taking this plane down if they panic and I can’t get to them. I must have easy access to the cargo deck, and that does not include climbing over some suit with an attitude. I suggest you move one of the other passengers.” Shouldn’t this idiot have some kind of problem solving skills?

Tara turned her back on the annoying man while she plucked the toque off her head and fought her way out of pale gray overalls, then crouched to stuff them in her duffle. The outfit was a requirement, an attempt to minimize allergens coming into the cabin.


The voice behind her was a couple of octaves deeper than the one she’d been arguing with, and her hand stilled for a split second.

“Yes.” Glancing sideways, she was surprised to see shiny western boots and barely-broke-in denim. Not exactly executive attire. Drugstore cowboy?

Rising, she took in the rest of the man’s outfit. Brown tweed jacket over a crisp white shirt. Or was he a real cowboy all dressed up? Maybe, maybe not, but she recognized sincerity in eyes the same dark blue as his jeans. A wash of awareness slid down her spine, but she shrugged it off.

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