An Interview with Julie Anne Lindsey

Please help me welcome Julie Anne Lindsey to my blog today. Julie Anne will be giving away a copy of her ebook to one lucky commentor, so be sure and leave a comment.

WrittenonherHeart_JL_sm_2Tell us about yourself. My name is Julie Anne Lindsey, I’m a stay at home mother of three children. Two boys and a girl. My boys are 9 and 7. My daughter is 4 and “stay at home” is a misnomer because I am never home. We have preschool three days a week and swim and ballet and the boys have commitments and we have social things. We live a very full, abundantly busy life.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be, and why? I live in rural Ohio where I was born and raised. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love it here. The crime rate is low and pace is slow. I don’t fight with traffic, though I often follow tractors home at 8 MPH. We’re removed from chaos, but close to a highway. I can get my share of Starbucks and Sephora in under twenty minutes.

How did you get started writing? I started writing after seeing Twilight on Pay PerView one bleary eyed night four years ago. I was up nursing my daughter and got sucked into the odd movie. When I learned they were books, I fell back into my passion of reading. Something I lost when baby one came around looking all cute and needing my attention. Then I saw the author in an interview. She was a mom like me. Not a writer. Just a woman with a story to tell. I called my husband and told him, “I’m going to write a novel.” Being the supportive, amazing man he is, he said…”What will it be about?” Never once did he doubt I could do it. He tells me often he thinks I can do anything. I think he’s right.

Tell us about your current series/WIP. In March, I had another sweet romance release from Turquoise Morning Press. The title is Written on Her Heart.
Emma’s falling in love with a man she’s never met, or has she?

Emma has her reasons not to fall in love, but fate has other plans. When she finds a journal near Honey Creek lake, she sneaks a peek at the words of a stranger, but finds the heart of a hero instead. Soon she’s savoring every word, opening her heart to the man inside and her mind to possibilities she gave up long ago.

Across town, Nicholas is devastated at the loss of his grandfather’s journal, one he’s written in since he left for Iraq a decade ago. The thought of a stranger mocking his words, or worse, someone from Honey Creek knowing his most intimate trials…. If his journal falls into the wrong hands, humiliation is sure to follow.
But what if it fell into the right ones?

What inspired your latest book? Written on Her Heart was inspired by the Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movie, You’ve Got Mail. I’ve spent tons of time wondering what love would look like if we somehow met our true love without seeing them? Forget love at first sight. What happens when two souls happen upon one another and simply know / recognize their counterpart? The idea has lingered in my heart and mind for years. After watching Meg Ryan fall in love with Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail, I wanted to see more. Why weren’t there more stories like theirs out there for my reading pleasure? I couldn’t get enough. Finally, I decided to write the story of my heart, and here it is.

Where do you get the ideas for your stories? I spend most of my life wondering “What if?” I thank my parents for allowing me to be an only child. I’ve had plenty of time to hone my imagination and storytelling. I used to write little stories for my friends or pretend I had these elaborate dreams so I could use that as an excuse to tell a really convoluted story that was on my mind. I think of interesting things constantly. The hard part is figuring out which ideas a deep enough to become a real story with secondary arcs and a setting and all that jazz. Also, it’s sometimes hard for me to know if the idea is as interesting to someone else as it is to me. LOL

Are you a plotter or a pantser? I’m a reformed pantser and this is why: deadlines. I’ve learned that I can spend a day or two outlining 28 chapters with 8-10 bullet points to cover in each, and when it’s time to write, the words come. I already know what I’m writing that day. Writing a chapter a day by the guideline I already set, I can write a novel in 28 days. Now, I never have 28 days in a row to write, but still. You see. Outlining keeps me on track, on task and saves time. Time is my new best friend.

Has your muse always known what genre you would write and be published in? NO. Oh my. No. I still write in multiple genres and I realize I’m at a point where I need to pick a path and grow roots, but it’s so haaaaaard. *cries* I like telling whatever story pops into my head. Deciding on one path will kill me, but I’m working on it….*wahhhh*

Do you have any rejection stories to share? I’m a professional reject. I have been rejected hundreds of times. Literally. One agent’s assistant called me a pervert after reading my attempt at a paranormal romance. Turns out, that’s not my genre I guess. Another friend of mind was rejected for nine years. Wrote another story, sold it. Guess what? The pub who bought this story, is buying that other one. The one rejected for NINE years. Lesson: don’t delete it!! One day you may need it! LOL

Will you share some encouraging words for authors still struggling for that first contract? YES! Do. Not. Quit. Do. NOT. Ever. Ever. Ever. This is YOUR dream. No one can reach it for you. If you stop, the dream dies. You don’t want that on your conscience. It’s total cliché, but true: It only takes ONE yes. ONE. And everyone gets rejected! I get rejected so much it’s crazy. I get rejected by my own publishers. You can’t take it personally. It’s a business. Agents and editors take on what they know they can sell. Maybe your story hasn’t found that person yet. Maybe the market isn’t ready for you yet. Don’t give up. Put it aside. Write something new. Keep you mind fresh and keep improving your craft. You WILL get there. Consider this point where the herd is thinned and quitters quit but YOU bullet ahead and get the prize. Also: once you get that first contract, your publisher is going to ask you “What else do you have?” So hold onto your work. It will see publication one day.

What’s next for you? I’m looking forward to a summer of preparations. This fall my debut cozy mystery releases from Carina Press (digital imprint of Harlequin) and my YA suspense, Deceived, releases from Merit Press where I had the amazing privilege of working with and learning from Jackie Mitchard as my editor. Jackie’s book was the inaugural pick in Oprah’s book club. She’s flat out amazing. I have one more sweet romance coming in the Honey Creek Books line in November.

Where can readers find you? I attend every book event in Ohio. I’m always searching for things in and around my state where I can meet readers and connect with other authors. I’ll be at several amazing conferences and Killer Nashville too! I keep a calendar on my website with updates as I confirm and I’m online always. I live here.
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tiny_2About Julie Anne Lindsey

I am a mother of three, wife to a sane person and Ring Master at the Lindsey Circus. Most days you’ll find me online, amped up on caffeine & wielding a book. I write sweet romance for Honey Creek Books. I’m anticipating five releases in 2013, including two YA titles and my debut cozy mystery from Carina Press. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Written on Her Heart by Julie Anne Lindsey

When Mom pulled the door open, she nearly leapt into my arms. Tears already streamed from her eyes. It’d been two years since I’d been home, but not even secrets formed halfway around the world were safe from our small town. The moment I pulled my rental onto Route 22, I became fair game for gossip and ghost spotting. When a train lumbered along the only set of tracks and held me up for nearly five minutes, I watched a dozen bystanders take notice. First of the car they didn’t know, and then they dipped their heads for a look at the driver. The lady in front of me yanked her mirror to the side to check her face, and her chin dropped when our eyes met. By the time I lifted Mama into my arms, she’d received no less than four phone calls announcing my arrival. So much for surprises.

She looked smaller and more fragile than I remembered. Maybe after two years in a battle zone everything did. Her thin palms gripped my cheeks tight, and she kept saying, “Welcome home,” until my eyes filled to match hers. Tears streamed over the skin on her cheeks, and I never wanted to leave. The most important thing I could protect was right there in my hands.

Emma sniffled and wiped tears as she finished the passage for the third time. Her tears dropped onto the ink. She flung her body backward onto her bed and exhaled. The imagery astounded her. She knew firsthand how it was to arrive home. Every car in town must be inventoried somewhere. She shook her head, picturing the train. How awful to be held back by something as mundane as a train when you’re coming home from war to see your mother.

A gush of air filled her lungs, and she bolted upright.

“Oh my Lord in Heaven, he’s from Honey Creek!” She looked around for someone to dance with. Grabbing the journal in one hand, she skimmed the words again though she’d practically memorized them already. Route 22. One set of tracks. His journal sat under her willow. “Wheeeee!” She scooped a pillow off her bed and spun until the floor tilted.

He was from Honey Creek.

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  1. This book sounds great. Loved the excerpt and definitely adding to my must try list. Julie is a new author for me and love finding new authors to check out. Thanks for the giveaway.

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